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Nov 30, 2002
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Spotsy., VA (USA)
I'm not talented in the kitchen so wanted to start another Easy Recipe thread to help myself and others
Plus, even those here who are good / talented cooks probably have less time to be in the kitchen given the time of year (so nice to be outside enjoying our horses!).

Sonya, I think you once shared a REALLY good and easy one for pizza turn overs using french bread dough -- do you still have that one? I lost my copy.



It's funny you ask...hubby just made it for me last night since I've been sick. You can put whatever you want in them as far as veggies/meat goes, here is what we put in them:

Calzones (2 large calzones)

1 roll of pillsbury french bread dough

1-2 sliced or chopped green pepper

1 onion sliced or chopped

sliced mushrooms (raw or canned)

about 10 slices of salomi

sliced pepperoni

shredded italian cheese (kraft makes a mix of moz, prov, and others)

sliced or chopped jalepenos (we use the jar kind)

ranch dressing or spagetti sauce

roll out the french dough and stretch it (it comes apart really easy, you don't even need to use a roller), cut it in half...put all the veggies/meat on half of each piece of dough and fold the remaning half up over top the veggies/meat and pinch the edges together. Bake on a greased cookie sheet at 350 for about 30-35 mins. Serve with ranch dressing or spagetti sauce to dip in. Prep time is very easy and quick...10-15 mins tops and hardly no dishes what so ever...cutting board and a knife and that's it. This will make 2 adult size calzones. We tried once putting the spagetti sauce in the calzone and it turned out soggy so I always serve it on the side.
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It's funny you ask...hubby just made it for me last night since I've been sick. You can put whatever you want in them as far as veggies/meat goes, here is what we put in them:

Calzones (2 large calzones)

(snipped for brevity)
Oh man. I saved that one in a heartbeat!! I have a friend and a husband who both LOVE pizza. We're sooooo going to have to try it soon!

Hey, can I put in a request here? Anyone have any GOOD homemade spaghetti sauce recipes?? Hubby doesn't much care for the store brands mostly, but is OK with some Prego sauces- he just doesn't like veggies. Little does he know that if I make my own, I'm probably going to very finely chop (food processor style) onions and stuff to put in it!! MWHAHAHA. Take that.
Its a boring rainy day, i feel like cooking ...great timing Jill! Im thinking about making a peanut butter pie YUM

We have a small pizza place in town that makes calizones, we get the Ham & Cheese calizone
VERY simple tomato sauce (friend Bill gave me this one, he is an amazing cook, but most of all, his mantra is simplicity):

Take 8 or so cans (the small ones) of the diced tomatoes (I used the italian herb ones, he often uses the plain), and open them up. Use a large, stainless cooking pot, and start out your burner on medium-high.

First of all, though you will dice up an onion or two, depending on your taste for onion. Finely mince three or four cloves of garlic, and saute the onions first in a dab of olive oil til they begin to get clear, then add the garlic and stir around a bit, til they are heated through (don't brown them).

Put in the cans of tomatoes and heat it up til it's almost boiling, then turn it down to simmer, stirring occasionally for a half-hour on up to a few hours.

I would think if you wanted to add vegetables, you could, just dice them and saute them in with the onions. You could conceivably puree this sauce to make it smoother, but I like the chunks of veggie and tomato.

Last time I made it, I floated some of those already-prepared meatballs in it and some whole, cleaned small crimini mushrooms, then brought them to a boil and served with cheese ravioli.

Sprinkle on some shredded parmesan reggiano and it's reallllly good. Simply so. I make enough to refrigerate and use for about two to three meals. That same amount would probably last just you, hub and Nathan for three meals or more.
Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

(it's better with the veggies!!) My kids eat this veggies and all & they can be picky.

- 2 lbs. ground beef or turkey, browned

Toss in with the browned meat:

- 1 green bell pepper, diced

- 1 large onion, diced

- 3 stalks celery, chopped

- 1/2 lb chopped mushrooms

- lots of minced garlic


- large can Campbell's tomato soup

- large can tomato sauce

- 1 packet spaghetti seasoning

- salt/pepper to taste

- 2 tablespoons sugar

- dash Worcestershire sauce

Simmer on low heat for a couple of hours and you've got dinner made for the next few days.

So Leeana,

What's in the Peanut Butter Pie (besides peanut butter
)? I have a recipe for that we LOVE (ours us a cream cheese, whipped topping concoction in an Oreo crust), but maybe yours is different and I would like to hear about it!

(hope this only posts once, i had to try a couple of times for some reason)
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I'm looking for sneaky veggie additions. I don't mind onions and olives, hubby does. Neither of us cares for the taste of bell peppers, or mushrooms, but Nathan will eat pizza with all of the above (other then bells- I think maybe the taste is too strong? He's eaten it before, could just have been an "off" day LOL).

If I make the onion small enough (and tomato, too), hubby'll eat them. I'm pondering if I could do similiar with brocolli in a tomato-based sauce? Would it throw the taste off too much?

.... I am so saving BOTH of those recipes...
I had to run into town and buy some ingredients, i had a craving for peanut butter pie
. Its really simple, i can make it, therefore it must be simple
. Yes, its pretty much like yours

(this makes 2 9" pies)

1 8oz package of Cream Chease

1.5 Cups of powder sugar

1 Cup of peanut butter

1 Cup of milk

16oz of Whip Cream

2 9" Graham Cracker Crusts

Beat cream chease and suger together. Mix in PB and milk. Beat until really smooth. Beat in whipped cream. Poor into 2 9" graham cracker crusts, then drizzle with chocolate ...add nuts if you like and set inside the fridge until its firm and then
That's the one! It does not last long around here. We all love it and go back for seconds. Try the chocolate crust sometime, it's really good!
Rachel Ray has some great cookbooks for 30 minute meals, her latest one has easy,45 and 60 minute ones as well. They are also broken down by type of meat.
I have a really easy party desert. Its always a party favorite

[SIZE=12pt]Mexican Dip[/SIZE]


(2) Fat Free Cream Cheese

(1) Shredded Cheese, Cheddar & Mozzarella

(1) Refried Beans

(1) Mild Salsa

(1) Tortila Chips - I like the scoops ones.

Take a deep pan - like a brownie pan deep

-First, you take the cream cheese and spread it evenly throught the bottom of the pan

-Second, you take the refried beans and spread that over the cream cheese evenly

-Third, you take the sala and spread that evenly over the beans. ( I don't like a thick salsa, so I make a thin layer)

-Fourth, Take your cheese and sprinkle that all over until you can no longer see the salsa.

Last, Bake 450 Degrees until the cheese melts and starts to brown lightly.

Take it out let cool for a few minutes so you don't burn your mouth and serve with your chips.
Oh great recipes so far guys! I want to try that Mexican Dip!

Here one ...a VERY simple potato salad now that the warm weather is upon us. Serve with burgers or hot dogs and bakes beans.


You will need:

Hellman's Light Mayonaise

Hellman's Sandwich Spread

Yellow mustard

A small onion

Small apple (optional)

Peel and cut up potatoes in small squares.

Boil until tender but not mushy.

Add your chopped onion and apples.

Fold in Mayo and Sandwich Spread...to site. (I like mine creamy but not overly creamy.)

Add in a bit of mustard.

Hint: The mustard I add is mostly to give it the color and to add a little zing to it. Don't get too generous with the mustard!
I make a sugar free (almost) pie.

You will need:

1 Gramham cracker crust, the large 2 extra serving size.

1 small box sugar free jello

1 tub 8oz cool whip sugar free

3 6oz containers of yogurt (sugar free) same flavor as jello, or plain can be used.

1/4 C of water

Fruit (optional)

Bring water to a boil. Dissolve jello in the water. Fold in yogurt. Fold in cool whip. (Don't over stir, or you will make it too runny.) Add fruit if you want and pour into the crust. Refrigerate until set. (Sets up like a mouse)

I use fruit usually, it just adds a little more. I also use some dabs of cool whip on the top for decorating. If you want to put this in parfait glasses you could and it would be even less sugar.

This pie is really yummy and if you weren't told, you would not know it was sugar free. Whenever I take it somewhere it is gone in a flash. I'm going to make a lemon one tomorrow hubby has been asking for some kind of desert. LOL
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Boy those recipes sound great! Here's a quick casserole that's easy and can be doubled or tripled if you have guests.

Hamburger Casserole

Brown one pound of ground beef or turkey and drain.

Boil one cup of elbow macaroni until tender and drain.

Mix meat and macaroni together in large bowl and add the following ingredients:

1 can of cream of mushroom

1 can of vegetable soup

8 oz of sour cream

salt & pepper to taste

Mix together and pour in casserole dish. Bake at 350 until bubbly.

You're going to love it!
Here's a quick dessert for unexpected guests, or to take. I call it a mountain pie, others call it a dump cake. Anywat, here it is:

1 cup flour

1cup sugar

l cup milk

1 stick of butter

1tbsp. baking powder

pinch salt.

1 can fruit any kind

Melt in a casserole dish, the stick of butter. Roll to cover bottom evenly.

Combine sugar, flour, milk and salt, and baking powder, and mix well. When mixed, drizzle into casserole dish with butter. Do not mix the butter in the batter, just drizzle the batter over the butter. (Tongue Twister)

Drain liquid from can of fruit, and spoon fruit into the batter in clumps. Bake in 350 degree oven until brown on top. About 30-40 minutes. It is oh so good, and it is so easy, and you can use any kind of fruit you want. Even fresh! I usually cut back on the sugar if I am using canned fruit.
Here is one that my kids like...poor man's beef strognoff

ground 1 lb hamburg

pre cook 1 bag egg noodles

Mix together

8 oz sour cream

2 cans cream of chicken soup

1 can milk (soup can)

Then mix soup mixture in with hamburg and noodles.

Season to liking. My kids love it.

Another great place to look is kraftfoods, you can get a free magazine from them too.
Here is a recipe for breakfast:

I make these in one serving baking dishes.

Cook bacon until crisp, set aside to cool. Crumble.

Spray baking dish with oil, tear up day old bread (the best is french bread in the long loaves) enough to fill the serving dish

Beat together an egg, 1/3 cup skim milk, salt & pepper, a dash of nutmeg

Place one half of the bread in the baking dish, top with half of the bacon, pour in half of the egg mixture. (you can add sauted onions, green peppers, mushrooms if you like) then top with the remaining bread, bacon and egg mixture. Top with shredded cheese and shake some parmesan cheese on top. Bake at 375 degrees for 20 minutes until the top browns.
I made a new chocolate cheesecake recipe and I am very surprised how well it turned out. It is the best I have made (chocolate) so far.

Preheat oven to 325


15 whole original graham crackers crushed

3 TBLSP sugar

5 TBLSP melted margerine/butter

Mix together the ingredients and press into a 13x9 bake pan and set in fridge.


5 pkg cream cheese softened

1 cup sugar

1 TBSP vanilla

1 1/2 cups of sour cream

1 large pkg of Jello Chocolate Instant pudding/pie filling

4 eggs

Mix together the cream cheese, vanilla and sugar until well blended. Blend in the sour cream. Slowly blend in the Pudding/pie pkg. Add the eggs one at a time until they are just blended in. Pour oven crust and bake for 1 hour and 10 minutes or until you can pull out a clean tooth pick from center. Refrigerate for at least 6 hours
Here is a recipe for breakfast:
I make these in one serving baking dishes.

Cook bacon until crisp, set aside to cool. Crumble.

ooh, this recipe sounds great...even easier would be to buy the microwavable bacon...or even the oscar meyer bacon in the pouch...I'm all about easy! I'm going to try this on Wednesday...thankyou!
We make a similar breakfast casserole but, have been using hash brown type shredded potatoes instead of bread. My daughter and I have to cooke the bread ones far longer than most as we like well done eggs
You can use cooked sausage vice bacon, also. It's yummy, even for a quick dinner.

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