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Dec 5, 2002
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Since Eastern Regionals started today, I thought I'd start a thread for Forum member results. I'm not there
, buy my daughter Brooke is, showing our Senior Mare.

Amateur Level 1 Sr Mares was first thing this morning and I'm happy to report that our wonderful mare, Showcase Crystal Heart, was Reserve out of 14.
We are very happy about that. She just started showing in March, so this is only her 4th time out and she's taking it all in stride. The daughter, however, was admittedly very nervous!
She'll go back later for Grand and Reserve Amateur Mare, then Peas will show her this afternoon in Open Sr Mares 32-34". Hope I have some more good news later on!!!!

Robin C

What a great way to start!!! I am excited to see how everyone does. Good luck!!!!
What great news Robin. I bet Brooke is excited too! Let us know how the rest of it goes.

Very cool congratulations! Great post to get starte. Keep em coming love to see how everyone does.
[SIZE=14pt]Great start! Beautiful mare. You all must be thrilled![/SIZE]


Congrats - keep the good news coming!!!!!

Congrats Robin and Brooke!! I wish I coulda went,, to far this time being in OH. and I could not get that much time off from work. Please keep us posted on how she does! And others if you hear of them!
Crystal was 3rd in Open Sr Mares 32-34" behind Libby's mare Juliette and a mare that Mike H was showing. Don't know which way the first two went. Maybe Libby will be around a laptop and will let us know whether she was Reserve Ch or Champion in that class. Two more classes to go for Crystal - Youth Mares 13-17 and Liberty. Peas says she can catch her, so we said go for it! Crystal has never been shown in Liberty, but is a beautiful mover. Should be a hoot -- the catching part at least
. Sorry I'm going to miss it!

Robin C
Robin - Congratulations on your mare. That is terrific news. I enjoyed talking with you at the last show, and I was hoping that you would be at Regionals.

We will be there tomorrow only, so it will be great to see some beautiful horses and chat with new friends.

Again, congratulations, and you have an awesome mare.


Congrats on Crystal's well derserved wins. That's so exciting!! Whoo hoo!

Ginny Long
That is GREAT Robin.

You must be on pins and needles waiting for updates.

Again, big time congrats.

Be sure to pass on the other good news that is just around the corner :)
Bump - looking for more results please!!!!! Results anyone else???

That is great. Congratulations!
We just got home from the AMHA Eastern Regional show.

We had a great time seeing everyone. Our babies did great, which makes all the work worth while. Our son, James (ANDI), showed all of our horses except for Gisele since he had two horses in the class.

We haven't got any photo's yet but will post them on our website when we get them.

The facility was alright - but was missing a couple of key items that it was suppose to have - A/C and enough stalls in the main barn. Ended up with blisters walking back and forth

We brought 5 weanlings
and 4 yearlings. Between Liberty, open filly classes, and Get of Sire we had to have

all of them ready for Saturday morning at 8 am. They all showed in the first 6 or 7 classes. Thank you Julie & Aston Good and their neighbor for all the help. Also Megan and her dad jumped in to hold some of the horses for us when things got real busy.

We then had to get the 3 boys ready again for open classes on Sunday.

Saturday was mostly "girl" day:

RHA Bianca Buckeroo- showed in the 26"-under Weanling Mare and got Grand Champion

RHA Fancy Buckeroo - showed in the 26-30" Weanling Mare class and placed 3rd. Congrads to her new owner Megan - I'm sure she will continue to do well for her.

RHA Wardances Gisele - showed in the 26-30" Weanling Mare class and placed 9th. I was drafted to try to show her since my son James was showing Fancy in the same class. I don't do nearly as good as James when it comes to going in the ring.

RHA Magnolia Locomotion - owned by Lyn & Bob Krivanek - placed 6th in the 28" - under Yearling mares. Nolie also took 5th in a very competitive Liberty class that had 24 horses in the class.

RHA Wardances Lovely Rita - showed in the 28-30" yearling mares and took 5th place.

RHA Mustang Sally - showed in the 30-32" yearling mares. I believe there was 16 horses in the class. She received 8th place.

We showed Lovely Rita, Fluffington Stuffypants and Wild Tango in the Get of Sire class. They are all sired by "Dancer" that is owned by Judy Smith of Tiz-A-Mini in New Hampshire. A big thank you to Judy for allowing us the opportunity to use Dancer in our breeding program. The three of them won Grand Champion in the Get-of-Sire class.

On Sunday, we showed the boys.

RHA Wardances Wild Tango - showed in the 26" - under Weanling colt and took Grand Champion. He was first under all 3 judges

RHA Wardance Fluffington Stuffypants - showed in the 26-30" Weanling colt and received 4th place.

RHA Imperial Locomotion - co-owned with our friends from Vanity Grove Farm - (MINIHORSEHUGS) showed in a very tough 28-30" Yearling colt class and received 4th place. Sorry Donna & Buster for leaving you on pins and needles.
Our final tally for Showcase Crystal Heart was very exciting:

Amateur Sr Mares, Level 1: Reserve

Open Sr Mares, 32-34": 3rd

Youth Sr Mares, 13-17: Reserve

and the most unexpected: Liberty - Champion (out of 24).

I am very proud of Crystal, my daughter Brooke and Peas Hill for their accomplishments. Only wish I could have been there to see them earn their honors. Will be at the World show though, for sure!

Congratulations to all of our Forum family who showed at Eastern Regionals!

Robin C
Good news is entries were up from last year.

As for A/C, they say that will be in next year.

We took only two horses and did well, placed in every class, LBFs Commodity Blues was 4th in Ammy level 2 Country Pleasure, and SF Mahogany Bay was 3rd. Mahogany Bay was
Champion AOTE Country

I took close to a thousand pictures (not kidding folks). Haven't had a chance to go through them yet.
I had a great time too.

I got to meet Brooke (really nice!), and Chandler (Neon Moon is WOW)

and got to see a lot of people I haven't seen in a while.

Elaine Jones and Nicole are the best! So fun!

James did a great job! I watched him win a lot!

My filly Semi got 3rd (tied for reserve, but call judge went with another horse)

in junior mares amateur level 1 and got 4th in open yearling mares 28" and under.

Casey Campbell showed her in open for me and did a great job. He is just SO NICE. (hope I spelled his name right)

My colt Little John decided to be BAD!! He placed 8th and 9th in HUGE classes,

but he was SO BAD! I'm still mad at him! hehe

Peas and Brooke took Semi in Liberty. She ran around, flagging her tail, looking so pretty, then refused to be caught!!! Peas had to 'clothes line' her to catch her. LOL

Peas daughter Little Miss (3 years old) won her youth halter class. She was precious!!

Congrats to all the exhibitors! The horses were just awesome.


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