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Jess P

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Aug 22, 2004
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New Hampshire
Since we have gotten Diego I have been comparing him with Starlette (minimal dwarf filly). Besides her confirmation faults, I have noticed a couple different things. Starlette's neigh is very strange. It is short and almost sounds as if she is snorting, and it is coming from the throat. Diego's is high pitched, squeaky, and long.

I have also noticed that her droppings are much different. Diego's are in a stuck together pile like it should be, but Starlette's are not stuck together (just come out in many pellets) but are not wet or anything.

Are these side affects to her dwarfism traits?
i think the whinny being different could be due to dwarfism. dwarfs are known to have very small upper pallettes and throat openings. But i dont think the manure is. All of mine kinda have diff manure piles
kaykay said:
i think the whinny being different could be due to dwarfism.  dwarfs are known to have very small upper pallettes and throat openings.  But i dont think the manure is.  All of mine kinda have diff manure piles


Our dwarf Bodie has a weird whinny - he sounds like his whinny is broken.

His manure is the same as everyone else's.

Okay, thank you! I am not sure why her manure is loose, she gets roughage everyday
I don't think the manure would be either. Hers probably just happens to be like that.
[SIZE=14pt]Being the daddy of the "Brat Pack" ( 4 dwarf's,) I can tell you that they all have a little different whinny! Patty Twink has a low pitch whinny, Lil Abner's is broken, Chubby's whinny is very low grunting sound, and Angel's is very high and long! She really wants to get your attention when she wants it!
As far as poops, they are all pretty normal but different in size! Make sure they have access to a good mineral salt block to lick!
This will help them to want to drink a little more water and it will also help with the dry stool! Got to love those special wee-ones!

The character of the "whinny" is very likely to be due to some of the characteristics that "come with" the dwarfism, as already noted by others.

The character--quantity, form, shape of the manure balls,degree of wet/dryness, frequency of passing, etc.--of manure is VERY individualistic to nearly every miniature horse, in my experience--and close observation of that, from day to day, is a superb tool for "keeping your finger on the pulse",so to speak, of a horse's health!!(My horses all currently are kept separately, but I can pretty much tell "who did what", even when they are turned out together!
) We all agree that intake of 'plenty'of water is crucial to any horse;however, there are still some whose manure routinely looks dryer than that of others, in my observation. As for the loose manure-I have had a couple of youngsters who rather routinely had 'bouts' of soft manure for the first 2-3 years of life. They got plenty of fiber/roughage and other required nutrients in their diets; it was just their individual inner workings, IMO. Key was that they NEVER had REALLY loose manure that PERSISTED for over 24 hours. Being always observant and aware is the best single management tool, I believe.

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