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Jeannie B

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Nov 30, 2002
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Hi There! Last November I told you all about a little year old filly I rescued.

My vet's assistant,(my friend), took her and gave her a real good home.

When she arrived at her new home she weighed just 45 pounds and was very sick. She was lethargic, crusty eyes, runny nose and her overall appearance was very bad.

My friend and my vet worked real hard to make her well. It was pretty scary for a while. About 6 months ago her liver started shutting down, the vet was sure it was because she had been starved. Sweetie almost died back then and after they pulled her out of that situation the poor little doll coliced.

My friend called me to tell me that she didn't think Sweetie was going to make it.

Later that week she called to tell me that Sweetie was actually getting better!

I went to see Sweetie last month and I didn't recognise her at all!

She is beautiful!
She now weighs 110 pounds and her coat is shiny and looks healthy! She has beautiful big shiny eyes and was running and playing with her new best friend Dusty, the donkey and J.J. the goat. These three are a team!

My friend showed me the lines on Sweetie's hooves and told me that those lines indicate where Sweetie's nutition started.

Sweetie is even going to classes every week to teach children about veterenary work!

I am going out next month to take some pictures of Sweetie to post here for you all to see what a little love can do!

Right now Sweetie is grey with white flecks all over her and my freind thinks that eventually Sweetie will turn white just like her mama!

Thanks for letting me share the good news!
This is what Rescue is all about. These success stories give me a warm fuzzy feeling and I love it. Unfortunately not all turn out this way but it is what keeps us going.

You did a wonderful thing, thank you so very much. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!!! Please

Ginny StP
I called my friend this morning and they will try to get some pictures of Sweetie today!
That is what I call a great news

pics pics pics please

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