Do some of you use Seleium for crooked

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Jun 29, 2005
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New Ross, Indiana
Little Cody is 4 weeks old now & seems to still have not straightened his legs up like I thought he would. He was only a 10 month baby. If you use Seleium, can I use BoCe shots like for the goats? It is Seleium & Vit. E together in 1 shot. It really helps the goats. Our area is low. thanks

i have supplemented with selenium to the mares before the foals are born, and supplemented babies with selenium too, but don't know as that has as much effect after they are born.once they are born crooked I am not sure how long before their joints and bones are set enough they can't be changed much. My farrier says that corrective trimming is usually most effective before 4 months whil most measures taken after that time are mostly cosmetic and don't do much to change actual conformation. I suspect that time frame may be the same for attempting to change conformation defects through feeding supplements. we are very low in selenium in Illinois pastures and water...

never used the shots, know nothing about that....
So is selinium best given to a pregnant mare if the soil is deficient in it? Does it have to be by injection? Mary
Here in NE Wisconsin, the soil is Selinium deficient. I am a firm believer that free choice minerals (I like the powder form) with extra selinium during gestation will usually produce a foal that is straight legged, as opposed to being "back on their pasterns". Most foals in this area are given a Selinium/Vitamin E shot when their born. If you check out Qtr Raes website and look at her foals, one will see how her little ones are straight up on their hooves. Donna is a stickler for nutrition and it shows in her foals and the shine on her mares' coats!
Do the feed dealers not blend it in the feed when its mixed ?? Most nutritionists know what minerals need to be added to the blends in their geographical area to keep the animals on a well balanced diet.
Make sure you are in a selenium deficient region. Here in Oregon we are. We give our newborns 1/4cc shots of selenium and E. We have given a second shot a couple of weeks later to foals who are very lax in their tendons and it does seem to help.


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