Did you see that GREAT Best Matched Pair class??

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Feb 6, 2005
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WOW! I really loved the buckskins in best matched pair. They had matching white socks on 3 feet and same body types. VERY MATCHED!! Even the exhibitors matched, each wearing a buckskin outfit! How creative! I was sad they only got 6th. Did I miss seeing that one was a pinto or something??
I missed it on the webcam.

My "twin" horses won that class last year, so I'm bummed that I didn't get to see it.
I'm with you, I lOVED the Buckskins and thought it a great match, but hard to tell from the cameras viewpoint..they were all good matches and I guess I'll have to trust the judges but disappointed as well they didn't place better..
I saw the class in person.

Actually, I thought the chestnut pinto pair should have won- you probably couldn't see the detail from the webcam, but they were CRAZY pintos and were stunningly well matched. Exactly the same shade of chestnut, chesnut and white all in the same places, extremly similar pawprint & roaning patterns, I think I saw matching blue eyes...really a neat, neat pair.

I'm going to stick my neck out here as to why the buckskins didn't do better:

They were *very* well matched- similar white socks, same shade and color, same cute husky draft build and faces. A fabulously darling pair. I think the reason they were at the bottom of the class was pure presentation- their show halters did not suit their heads and didn't fit, the horses wiggled a lot and kept their ears back, and they looked like they had the startings of a thick, bushy winter coat and fuzzy legs. They just weren't presented in their best light, and I think that's what worked aganist them.
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