Did I EVER get a deal of a lifetime!

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Nov 13, 2006
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I have been on a hunt for a saddle, but didn't want to pay a bundle. More for my own pleasure, and working with our 2 QH's we recently purchased.

Well, it was beginning to be a little bit of a desperate effort, knowing that I really needed to put them under saddle. I was offered a Simco for $150. Really nice saddle, but my friend was unaware that the tree got broke by either his son or his brother. The auction had nothing to offer. Hubby's co worker had a Bear trap brand that he would sell me on payments... didn't want payments, and a few days later a neighbor who was out of the horses sold us 5 FIVE saddles, a large trash can full of tack, new saddle bags, 2 pads, 2 hackmores and more for $120!!! I have a Simco with a matching breast collar, a Buffalo, a very nice show saddle (??? on brand), another unknown brand name that needs TLC, and another parade saddle with matching breast collar & bridle (this one is blck with "silver" diamond studs all over it. Needs alot of cleaning, sheep skin on the underside replaced, and some studs replaced, but is in good shape other wise. All the saddles need a good cleaning and I have 1 almost finished.

I am just SOOOO excited!

I am hoping that someone can please tell me the brand of my show saddle (don't have a picture yet), but under the leg flap on the left leg (I think), under the strap that attaches the front and back rings is a capital letter "T" inside of a small diamond shape. Sound familiar??


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May 9, 2007
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Wow!!! You did great! I can understand why you are so happy! Thanks for sharing the good news!!!

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