Dear friend and mentor of mine needs your prayers

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Aug 31, 2003
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If you hear I did this Nancy I hope it's ok, but we here at the forum have great power when it comes to prayer. fellow prayer warriors, would you take some time to pray for Nancy Houghton of Woodstock Miniatures in Nevin Minn.

I have enclosed her email recieved this morning.


Know most of you knew that I was having a stress test, as I have unable

to walk for the last couple months, can only take a few steps and have

to stop and rest, so had a stress test and it , as I expected, showed

another blockage in my arteries. I already have 5 stents in my heart.

They are going to go an angiogram and at the same time put dye in my

legs and see what the problem is with my legs. If they can fix me up

with another stent, will just be on overnight thing and would be able


come home the next day, with recupe time of a month and IF I have to

have OPEN HEART SURGERY (PLEASE GOD , NO!!) they would schedule it for


weeks after the angiogram so I could recovery from that. SO have not

scheduled it yet, as have been MADLY trying to get my POOR DEAR Mom on

medical assistance, as she would have to go to a nursing home while I


recuperating and she has no money, so guess we would be responsible for

the $5,000 and upwards per month in the nursing home, So have been

working on that all day, plus have been trying to find someone that

could come in and do chores and feed horses, dogs and cats while I am

gone, Surgery will be done in Fargo, two hours away, so Mike would have

to stay overnight with me, and drive me back the next day. SO am trying

to get the PLANING DONE and then can schedule my test. The doctor said

DO NOT wait to long as I am a good candidate for a heart attack, so


to get in soon, but MOM is of prime importance and have to get her

situated in a rest home first. I told Mom today about that I would have

to have surgery, and she woke up long enough to understand me, and said

"But Nancy, I won't be there to hold your hand" Needless to say it

brought tears running down my face SHe is in SEVERE pain now, and is

taking mutiple pain meds, but just not controling the severe pain. PLUS

our blessed dear old dog who we have had with us for 16 years is dying

on us, and we are TRYING to make the decision to have her put down and

neither Mike or I can face it, so are trying to deal with that too. So

just wanted to update everyone and wish I could have written to you


but just sooo rushed, will let you all know of the exact dates whe it


scheduled so you all can keep me in your prayers. They are NEEDED to


the least. Thanks to all of you for being my dear friends and for

caring. Nancy and Mike Woodstock North

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I will pray for Nancy, her mom and the dog. For the doctors to be able to fix

her with a stint. For her mom, for the pain to lessen. Prayers can help, I so

believe they can help them.

Prayers and Hugs

Poor Nancy, she has a lot on her plate!
It seems that when it rains, it pours. I will keep you in my thoughts, Nancy, and pray that everything turns out okay. Sending {{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}} your way.
Dear Nancy

Open heart surgery is terrifying, but in the case of my Dad, brother, and good friend, it was the miracle they needed, and all were so much better afterwards.

My dear dad had the surgery twice before his death last July 27th, the first helped him for 15 years, and the second until he was 78.

Can't the state help with your mom? Here in Michigan if someone needs to got into a nursing or long term care home and don't have the finances, the state picks up the bill.

I am sending prayers your way for you, your husband, mom, and beloved dog. May God send his angels to watch over everybody while you take care of yourself.

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I have admired Nancy's breeding program for years!! Im so sorry she is going thru such a rough time. Will be sending prayers!!

Of course I will keep Nancy and her family in my prayers! And yes, I have admired their horses as well. Love those GMB lines!

It you read this -- please know Larry and I are praying that all will go smoothly both for you and your mother.

Bumping up for our weekend members.

Nancy emailed me with tears of thanks to you all for your thoughts and personal emails. It means alot to her and I thank you also, you're quite a special group, please keep remembering her. Thanks. Debs
We should appreciate that modern medicine can fix these things as well as they can. I cringe when I remember what people went through thirty and fourty years ago. We will be with everybody elso waiting for news of a favorable outcome.

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