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Feb 25, 2004
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Can i get an honest critique here? This little guy is a 2 year old stallion. If i were to compair him with a big horse i'd say he has great conformation (been showing his half brother against full sized horses in open classes at rated show's and doing exceptionally well and this guy is built as nicely as he is) but i'd like oppinions from miniature world as i'd like to show at sanctioned A/R show's. He caught my eye in a photo and i bought him and still love his build in person just as much.

I have to say photo's aren't all that great..and apparently he's not all that photogenic (hehe or i'm not a good photographer..maybe a bit of both??). In both photo's he appears a bit butt high which he isn't in real life.. and his head looks bigger than it is (could be that i full body clipped him except his lower legs and head).

anyhow do you feel we could be competitive? or would i be wasting my money showing him at sanctioned show's? sorry about the camera spots!!


[SIZE=14pt]I think he has a cute head and he is cute to look at. I cant really tell how good his legs are, his shoulder and hip look fairly good but his tail set is low and his neck ties in low underneath. My biggest problem with him is he is too thick throughout. especially for 2.... he will only get more coarse as he gets older. If you like his type, conformationally he isnt bad he is just not the type of mini that is currently winning. Go back and look at Ericas colts that are yearlings and two year olds or in my avitar the grey colt is two. Even look at Lonestar's thread here .Thats the refinement that is winning now. Miniequines Little John has a thread somewhere with his picture and he is also 2 and has beat Sweet Tart some.... look at those horses and compare. Against large generic breeds at open shows he may do fine.[/SIZE]

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I like him! A few questios--how tall is he? What do you want to show him in--halter, performance?? Do you want to use him for breeding?

He is a very attractive guy, but I look at him and think, "Wow, what a great gelding!" (you saw that coming, eh
) I think he would be competitive locally as a gelding (and probably as a stallion, depending on your area) He is arguably better than what a lot of poeple have on their website for a breeding stallion, but I would be looking for a more level croup and length/refinement of legs. He looks a good driving prospect.
I usually do not do these critiques but this one I am going to jump into and be blunt so be aware. I am saying all of this in a nice way though you cannot tell because you canot see my face or hear my voice.

I think you need to geld this boy and here is why.

His neck is bad on top and bottom, He has a very slopey croup, Throat latch is not clean, and has a very course head. He does have nice color adn could be tightened up and shown locally as a gelding and probably be somewhat competitive. But not a National quality horse.

That said, this is just my own opinion. If he were mine, I would geld him and sell him as a pet. But again, this is just me.

now, you keep him a stallion and take him to Nationals and go top ten and show me I don't know what I am talking about! LOL
I don't tell anyone whats good or bad about their horse, I just don't know myself. I do know what I like and what we show, so here is a picture of a yearling that we gelded recently. He will be at R Nationals and are looking forward to seeing how he stacks up with others his age. But this horse could have just as easily been kept a stallion and still done well. This is the type of horse showing in AMHA today.

Anyway here he is our yearling gelding.


This is a two year old gelding that could have done very well as a stallion too, but we love him as a gelding.

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I gotta tell ya...that second pic is horrible. Especially being taken above him...makes him look like he really needs a few more inches of leg. First one isn't as bad, but neither do him justice. Hey, I bet if you put Silver in front of him he'd really show off! I think he looks quite a bit like his dam (who can be found on the Reece family sale page # 30 if anyone's interested).

Let's just take him to RI and jump in!

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