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Jan 17, 2004
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North Carolina
Brie is a 2 yr old AMHR mare. I would like to hear your honest opinions of what you think about her. If there is anything that can be improved please let me know as I would like to try and fix it. All opinions are welcome and appreciated!

Fletcher Show 2005


The next 3 pics were taken the day after she was clipped so they dont show her real color. The Fletcher show pic above shows her real golden buckskin color.



Brie reminds me a lot of Khaki, on her good points and her not so good points.

The main thing that jumps out at me as not as good as it could be on Brie is that her legs are a little short compared to the depth of her body.

I do not care for her neck as it's shown in the relaxed photo. It's short and I don't like the line of it.

I love her color and her head.

One big thing I'd do and would help her at the shows I think is to shorten her mane and thin her forelock. Also, I would not have her park out so much in the back like she is in the second picture. Square her up more.

Also, I'd use a different show halter. One with a noseband vs. beads and without beads on the side.

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[SIZE=14pt]In the first pic her legs look right for her body in the second they dont and that may be the angle of the photos. What I see that I like. I love her color in the first pic. I love her eye her legs also look straight and nice in the front. In the show pic she looks a little sickle but she may just be standing a bit under herself. I would also not park her out so much as it accentuates the factthat she is thin. I know how hard it is to get 2 year olds where you want them and keep them there. [/SIZE]

Im with Jill on her neck. IT is short and thick underneath. It looks strained rather than stretched in the photo.

I would thin her forelock from each side by a third and leave the center third.Also thin her mane as it overpowers her.

Her top line stretched is nice and would be probably a little butt high because of her age if not stretched as much. Her tail set is ok.

Get some wt and muscle on her and then get another pic of her not so stretched nad pulled up in front. I think we will all see improvement.


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