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Jan 10, 2004
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Okay this is a mare that I have currently for sale, and well I like her, but I just haven't had a whole lot of interest in her. I know she is far from perfect, but what so you guys like/ dislike about her?

Well I do sorta remember that mare. SHe is one of 3 that my aunt looked at buy as a yearling.

I am not good at picking out faults at all, hence why I do not buy horses by my eye only. HOwever what I notices is she seems a bit butt high and a bit short in the neck. Other then that I dont see anything else major. But again im not good at judgeing.

I also think the market in our area is just extreamly poor right now.
Yeah I agree Ashley, and I realized AFTER I took these that she is standing downhill, hence the butt high look.
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I think she is very very nice.

If I were to fault her, I'd like to see more leg and more length of neck. Her head could use more of a dish and her front legs appear to be slightly over at the knee.

Being very picky with my critique, though, as she is a super pretty mare, very well balanced, extremely well groomed and presented.

She's certainly the type of mare I'd like to see when I look into my pasture.

I saw your ad and I think your asking price is fair.
I think your mare is nice, but I'm visually distracted by the barn and brush pile in the background. Maybe try a different background and full body clip?
She is very pretty! I am not good at critques, but I did notice that she is slighty over at the knee, but I think she should produce some very pretty foals!! I think she is a very nice example of a miniature mare, very feminine looking!
Small Herd

Rosie is 31.75"

Thanks everyone for thier replies and compliments.

I'll try posting some stuff locally.

and here's her last year's colt, not the best picture of either of us, but it's a picture.


Note: he's NOT cowhocked just the way he's standing.

Also sorry if this turned into a for sale add
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