cost of a late transfer for non AMHA member

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Nov 30, 2002
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I dont do AMHA but I have a horse that is AMHA reg and , I have not transfered him. It has been a year. What is the non member transfer fee?

Appreciate the help./

He is a stallion, thanks for the help Jill.

Better check with AMHA -- I read somewhere where you can no longer do business with AMHA as a non member-- you MUST be an AMHA member to do any business with them. I am not sure if that is for 2008 or if it is starting in 2009 -- so best to check before you send it in.
You do not have to be a member of AMHA to register a horse. They have rates for members and non-members. Just go to the web site and look at the work order form.

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