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Feb 3, 2004
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My 32 yr old mare needs to go on arthritis meds. I am looking for the best one, at her age I don't have alot of time to "TRY" everything. Scotch and I thank you for your help.
Buy it. You'll never regret it. It is wonderful stuff. Robin C got me into it and it is super. I know it's expensive but I love it. For the first 3 days fill the top thingy to the 1/2 mark, from the 4th day on use only 1/2 of the 1/2 mark meaning 1/4 each day on her feed once a day. Took mine a few days to get used to it but now she and the colt eat it right up!
Yes it's good stuff and it has no side affects -Yep, guessed it, I tried it!! IT TASTES VILE!!!!!!!!!! It's the "HA" bit that is new, I want to say Hydrochloric Acid but I know that's not right
(if it were I'd be dead
I had my senior on it for over a year, and JUST took her off it last weekend! It is a wonderful product, but in my situation (Cushings disease), it just was not making a difference.

The HA is Hyaluronic Acid - again, a great product that I highly recommend!!
This thread reminds me....who sells Corta-Flx HA??? All that is available here is the plain Corta-Flx, & I think our vet clinic can order in the "Plus", which is the one with devils claw & yucca I think? I haven't found a catalog that lists the HA variety either.
We have a store about 30 miles from me called "the Feed Store". I called and asked if he could get it and he ordered it for me. I saved the shipping by calling around til I found someone who knew what I was talking about. Cost is about $50 for 32 oz.
The bottle came yesterday so I started her on it last night. I know this is probably wishful thinking but when I walked her this am NO STUMBLING! And she actually wanted to walk out of her stall.

She ate the stuff right up. It kinda smells like red cell which she's used to.

Dimimore your dosing instructions are for a big horse right? The bottle rec 2 oz for the first 3 days and doesn't give instructions after that.

Have you ever given the B L Solution with the CortaflxHA?

Thanks again Scotch and Whitney
Do not mix the BL with the HA. My instructions came from RobinC and are for a miniature. Ignore the directions on the bottle as they are for the biggies. Robin said you would see improvement in 24 hrs and great improvement over time. Keep it up! Glad for you. DO NOT use BL now.
I always loved the CortaFlx before the HA and can't say enough about the product WITH the HA. Hyaluronic acid has long been a mainstay for big horse performance types, but until recently was only available in injectable form which was quite expensive. Now that the oral form is available, we can reap the benefits of HA without the needles in the hocks. Hyaluronic acid is sometimes called "nature's moisturizer". It's benefits are similar to glucosamine and chondroitin, but different. It is a naturally occuring substance in our bodies.

As far as dosing CortaFlx for a miniature, remember that for the first three days you are going to give a loading dose which is twice as much as the maintenance dose. You can figure that out by reading the instructions for the big horse dose, then reducing that by 75%. In other words, for the first 3 days, you'll fill it up to the 1/2 mark (in a big horse you'd fill it up to the 1 mark x 2), then starting with day 4 you will fill it up to one-half of the 1/2 mark. If that's too confusing, just figure 25% of the big horse dose. You may see positive results in as little as 24 hours.

And if you are having joint problems yourself, including back problems, I highly recommend purchasing some HA for yourself at the drug store. It's not expensive -- runs about $8/bottle at Wal-Mart. You may just notice a difference in your flexibility!

Robin C
I just went to Walmart and decided to try it for my old joints it was 5.87 for 30. I think it was 20 mg? Do I take just one a day?
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Whitney - Dosing advice on my bottle says it can be taken once or more per day. It's a neutriceutical, so no FDA guidelines on this one. I've taken several capsules per day with no side effects that I know of -- just good results. I suspect, however, like many things, results with vary with the individual taking the product.

Robin C
Would the human med that you are buying at Walmart be given to horses?

Just wondering.
The CortaflxHA has 800 mg of HA per lb. which is 50mg per ounce.

Label recommends 2 ounces for a big horse. Robin C recommends 1/4 of that dose for a mini which is 25 mg. This would be the loading dose for the first three days and then 1/2 of that which is 12.5 mg.

I would think that a whole pill could be used for the loading dose and then 1/2 a pill for maintenace. (However the pills are capsules w/ powder inside.)

The pills I bought at Walmart are 20mg, 30 for $5.42 (I just looked at the receipt).
Wow, $7 for a month's worth of pills for a person??? I'll have to check with WalMart here; I did ask at the Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy one day & they didn't have any HA at all. The health food store sells it (liquid form, comes with a dropper) for...get this....$75 for a one month supply. My mom wants to try it, as she has arthritis really bad, but that's just too expensive.

If we could get it for even double what you guys pay at WalMart Mom & Tilly (our mare that needs it) could both take that version of it! I'll have to check at Wal Mart tomorrow.

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