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Mar 5, 2021
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Consuelo is slowly losing weight and getting in condition with 45 min a day pulling an EZ entry cart. Now with 8 inches of snow on the ground, I'd like to continue our regimen, but my husband questions whether the runners that are marketed for conversion will work on unpacked surfaces. His concern is that the runners are too narrow and would only work fairly well on packed snow. We don't have access to safe roads, so I stick to open pastures and wood trails on our property. This is the product in question Sleigh Runners Pair For EZ Entry Mini Horse/Dog/Goat Cart- 5/8" Axle, 3 3/8" Hub Does anyone have experience with it, and would you recommend for off road use with unpacked snow?
I know people do use them on unpacked snow, but I honestly do not know how hard the horse has to work at it.

One thing--be sure to chain the front of the runners to the body of the cart. If you don't, the runners are likely to hit a rough patch of ground and twist around.

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