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Jan 2, 2008
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Dundee, Michigan. USA
Ok, I sold one of my riding horses a couple weeks ago due to lack of funding... and we have another riding horse up for sale, that I really don't want to part with. So, I have to sell one or two of the minis. I really hate to, but it's neccesary.

Please help me on conformation critique, it will help me decide who to keep. I want to have good stock to breed and show, and by keeping these guys, I don't think this would be possible.

DB Touched By An Angel 'Angel'

31.5" bay 2005 mare.

possibly in foal to my stallion.

I would really like to keep her, I've raised her since she was 4 months old, and I've trained her myself. She lost her foal last year that would have been born this summer, due to my mom giving her the wrong type of dewormer at 3 months. She is possibly pregnant for a winter baby now. She is cow hocked in the back, but that is due to her feet growing irregularly, she had perfectly straight legs up until her yearling year. Slightest overbite, not even a centimeter off.




DB Cause For Komotion 'Diva'

27.5" sorrel 2006 filly.

I don't have as much of an attachment to this one. She is a cutie, and I showed her as a weanling. She went through a stage where she didn't have enough muscling as a yearling, but she has filled out more since then. (Some of her pictures are from that time) Her legs aren't perfect, but they are decent I think. Also raised and trained since 4 months of age.





Libertys Fine Moon

28" bay w/ dun factor 1995 stallion

I love this little guy, he is super sweet, gelding like attitude. I liked that he was a little thicker, where my mares were more refined, and I bought him to compliment them, not on his looks alone. I bought him about 2 years ago now, and he's been great. I love that he has shoulder bars and a dorsal stripe. He also has mottling around his mouth, a white spot in his forelock, and white hairs going through his coat. Mixed tail, dark brown mane that fades to a very light tanish color. He's quite the color palette!






The last picture shows the difference between his bleaching and new growth in his mane, and his color when clipped. I really don't know exactly what he is, but he is registered as just a plain old bay.

Please help me compare conformation! It would be greatly appriciated, and don't worry, I can handle the good bad, and the ugly!
I would really want to keep your stallion. He is gorgous! He is stunning in that first pic!

Next would be diva.

Then last would be the first mare.
Thank you!

I figured that would be the line up I would get.
It's sad that my favorite, is the least perfect...

And, it's hard to keep my stallion, because he's on the stockier side, and there isn't much business for him here. (I'm in South Eastern Michigan, in a county of western pleasure big horse people...)
I feel for ya! That first bay mare would make an awsome driver/ jumper! You could keep her, sell the yearling, and keep the stallion.

What about gelding your stallion! Show geldings are fun!
Well, I want to get into breeding, and since my stallion is well mannered and already 13, I'm not looking to geld him. Though, I don't have anything against geldings.

I just really want to start breeding, nothing big. A baby or two a year, no more than 3 ever. But, I need to sell a mini right now, so I'm thinking it's going to be Diva...
I try to stay off conformation threads as most people get really upset if you say anything negative about their horse's.

I think what you have to ask yourself is what are your goals as a breeder?? Is your goal to breed better then the parents? (show ring?? Rated shows? fun shows? for fun?? to sell?? )Where do you want your breeding program to be 5 years from now?? Breeding is such a huge responsibility and all it takes is one bad foaling and vet bill to knock a person out.

In general all 3 horses have some of the same faults and same look/type. So by breeding these together you are going to get much of the same of what you have now. Now if thats what you want then its a good thing.

IMO it is best to breed a more fine boned stallion to heavier boned mares. Breeding a heavier boned stallion to finer mares can sometimes cause the mares a lot of problems when they foal. Especially mares that are smaller in height.

Since the stallion is half of every foal you will produce, I would take a really strong objective look at him.

The yearling pictures are typical of a yearling that needs a little more protein in the diet.
Thank you very much for your critique and suggestions!

I want to breed for rated show horses, and I understand that my minis won't get me there. What are some of their specific faults? I know that they toe out, quite a bit! And Angel's had is longer than I like to see, and Studmuffin's neck is very thick and cresty. But, that's all I can see with my untrained eye.

Also, I have no idea what to price them at!
What would you guys say? I can take the heat, don't worry!

Thanks again.
Im glad to see your open to suggestions and not upset
I never ever want to hurt anyones feelings and for sure THERE ARE NO PERFECT HORSES.

In general all your horses are more older style foundation type miniatures. Some people love this type so remember type is subjective but conformation is not. But this type is not what is placing at rated shows. In general all 3 are heavier boned, short legged, shorter necked.

These pictures are not very good to critique from but given some of the stallion pics:

For the stallion he is very straight in his shoulder. His back is too long which puts him out of balance. hes camped out behind and has a very thick throatlatch. I do realize hes a very small stallion but he still needs more length to his legs. I do love his big expressive eyes! Hes very typical of some of the breeding of that time 13 years ago.
Thanks. We may have a home for Diva or Studmuffin already, they want a friend for their llama. But, I have no idea what to ask for any of them. Do you have any suggestions? I want to be fair in my prices, considering their quality and the economy. So, I need a non-bias eye!

I'm now considering selling all of them, because mom said if I do, that we can get a real nice show mini.
I really hate to advise on price. Its so subjective to your area etc. I know for me another important part is if I love the home they are going to. If I do price isnt as important as knowing they are in a good place.

Please know I am not saying you have to sell all of your horses and I am only seeing pictures of them. But if that is what you decide to do --- go out and get yourself a kick butt show horse. You will learn so much!! And then you are laying the foundation for a breeding herd in the future. Really look and reasearch what is winning and what YOU like. Research bloodlines to see how they cross and what they can produce etc.

And since Im a conformation nut really educate yourself on what good conformation is and how that pertains to a horses health, soundness and movement.

Please feel free to email me anytime
Thanks, you've helped a ton! I know you're not saying I have to sell them all, but that's what I see as the best thing to do, is to sell them to nice pet homes, where they'll be loved. I'm thinking of just selling for $1000 OBO. They should sell fairly quick, and my mom's friends from work want them, but I'd have to make sure they are educated on mini care first.

I really want a taller stallion (AMHR, instead of AMHA) to show that's super typey and refined with a killer trot! I will be looking a lot at conformation while I'm looking for my new mini. Because, it will be the only one I'll have for a while!

THanks again, you've helped me out a lot!
I just wanted to commend you on your responsible attitude--both toward your current herd, selling them, and breeding. I agree with Kaykay that what you do all depends on what you want to do in the future, but I think you've got a great start just by knowing what you want.

We've been thinking a lot about selling since we got them, and watched them mature. They are getting clipped soon, and I'll look at them from there. We switched their feed and they are in the best shape they've ever been in, so I want to see them, and get Angel ultrasounded. Then, I will work on selling.
I just wanted to commend you on your responsible attitude--both toward your current herd, selling them, and breeding. I agree with Kaykay that what you do all depends on what you want to do in the future, but I think you've got a great start just by knowing what you want.
I have to agree with Tiffany here. It's a very mature and sensible attitude you have there. You are keeping an open mind, good for you!

Good luck .
I so agree!! You should be applauded for having such a great attitude!!!
I think $1000 OBO is a pretty good range. Depends on your area, but most minis I see are going for about that.

Another suggestion, you said there are people looking at the mare and stallion. If they want pets, then I would suggest gelding the stallion. I gelded my stallion who is 12 and he did just fine. And if these people don't know much about minis and the fact that your minis are smaller, I wouldn't want them breeding in an unexperienced situation (dwarfs, red bags, etc.). Just a thought.

You stallion looks great, but as most said, he's on the heavier boned side. I think those minis are great for performance, but won't do much in the halter ring. And if you're looking to breed to win, these minis won't do it themselves. I would keep the ones you love and have fun with them. Then when the breeding bug comes along, do some research.
Oh, they would only take one of them. They are interested in the mare or the stallion.

Thanks, and I hope for quick sale so I can hopefully get a nice new one and show AMHR this season!
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