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Nov 30, 2002
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I've been working Mingus for two weeks, with one week left until our next show. I had planned on starting to work him earlier, but work and life delayed all of that (He was in great condition back in March, but he has since been eating quite well... So it's probably no surprise that he's is still a lot softer than I'd like him...I'd say his body condition would be ideal to start working him -- we're just not as far along as I'd like him to be. His tummy is starting to tuck, and his shoulder and butt muscles are becoming more defined. Even with the fat, he looks good...but obviously he would look better at peak condition.

My question is, with a week to go, what would you do to get the most out of the time we have left. My time is still limited, but I will be getting up at dawn and working him in the evening.

Any ideas?
Since we don't know what he looks like now and his clipped look and what you have actually been doing so far as far as feed and work, it will be hard to help you.

But I would suggest a throat and neck wrap 24/7 with the show a week away, and perhaps cutting his feed. Cutting by how much and when to start that would depend on how he looks now. The most you will get out of cutting his feed now would be some weight of his shoulder and back and tummy. NO hay now. If you cut him about Wed/Thrus then he would tuck up nicely and shoulder and back would be the same.

But like I said, so hard to tell what you need to do now?

Exercise, every night for a full 30 mins, assuming you have been working him these past two weeks. Fast, steady trot in both directions.

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I don't think I would change much if anything as far as feed wise, if he was mine. I would keep his grain up - for stamina and energy, and give him a little hay (not a huge amount, but a couple handfuls for sure)

Horses not used to traveling, showing, staying at different facilities can also DROP weight on the trip and stay during the show from being stressed out.

As far as conditioning, My horses only go 10-12 mins every other day.......I think if you worked him everyday this week for a little bit you would be fine, I just wouldn't try to "overkill" ...JMO
My response was going to be close to Erica's.

You might give him a few half-hour workouts every other day, and definitely lower the amount of hay given to help further tuck up the belly. He is probably getting enough beet pulp that he won't suffer for lack of roughage.

If you're like me and can sprinkle they hay out over several feedings, they will be happier horses.

I am betting Mingus will look better than you think!

Liz M.

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