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Apr 29, 2005
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Southeast, Colorado
Was wondering what color our colt would be considered. I thought I had him figured out to be a silver bay - as he is sorrel with some silver in his mane and tail. So I thought this was going to be easy - no help needed here. Yeah Right!

He has started shedding on his legs and it is kind of a silver with zebra stripes. He still has the silver in the mane and tail. So would he still be considered a silver bay or would he be some kind of dunn? Will the sorrel body color shed out to something different also since his legs are?

His sire is listed as a Golden Dunn on his papers - and he is light with the zebra stripes on his legs. His dam is a blood bay.

Anyway was wondering what to register him as - any help would be appreciated.

Thank you - will get pics if you need them - haven't taken any yet.
[SIZE=14pt]Sounds like he could be a silver buckskin or a dun of some kind. Baby coat is not what to judge the horses final adult coat by..... Our light buckskin colt became a sootie buckskin later, our blood bay filly has become black bay .... they do change. The only one that hasent is Lucky who is still a chestnut pinto![/SIZE]

Oh WOULD muddy the waters with having both the silver gene on a bay AND the dun gene!

I highly recommend getting him color tested and/or get some photos taken before people start playing the guessing game.
Of course the dna color test costs, but it will give you more definite answers.


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