Color Question? Could she be smokey black?

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Dec 16, 2002
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Wentworth, MO
Diva is so much lighter than Sweetie when she was born and so I am wondering if she is smokey black? Her dam is a black pinto and her sire is a dun pinto, and he has foaled a grulla filly. I know I asked this before but can I test her too see if she has some type of gene?


Do you think she could possibly be smokey black?
You could have her tested for the cr (creme) gene. She would have to have that to be a Smokey Black. But to be Smokey Black...her "dun" sire would have to be a buckskin & carry the creme gene. Dun alone...does not carry creme.
also the dam could have it!! The cream gene can hide on blacks!! If you know that the dams parents didnt have the cream gene she could not have it so the baby could have not got it from her! If she does end up having it then she would have got it from the sire (if the dam dosent have it) so the sire would have to have the cream gene! But if you KNOW forsure that her parents dont have the cream gene then she can not have it!!


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