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Aug 24, 2007
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I am going to attempt this, I have never posted here before so I thought why not?

I have a nice little gelding that has a wonderful near white tail but his mane is darker, not so much from any kind of damage, I think it is just naturally darker, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to improve the color to match his tail. I have used hair color on black ones but am afraid to try anything on him. Anyone have any suggestions?

I'm not sure how to improve the colour since I'm inclined to go with the colours god gave 'em but I do want to say "hi"
and welcome. Maybe someone else will have a suggestion.
Welcome!! Its nice to meet you!! I am not going to be of any help but am going to watch the replies as I have the exact same problem with my little mare!! Pretty silver white tail and a darker kind of brown mane. I am also wanting to know if there is anyway to make the mane match the tail better. I was thinking maybe Quic Silver shampoo would help??
A pic that clearly shows mane and tail would be nice, would be able to give better suggestions.

But - if tail is near white - blu shampoo and I would try it on the mane too. But if mane is a bit darker - maybe like silver there is a silver enhancer shampooo available out there too. But the blue shampoo should at least take dinginess out. I would recommend washing twice.

Also I would try adding flax seeds, ground to feed and make sure you are meeting all the little ones nutrional needs. Sometimes that helps a lot!
A friend had a gelding with a white tail and darker mane, and tried to the mane bleach whiter. BIG MISTAKE!! Turned it a weird orange.

I'd just wash it well, and live with it.
I used this stuff called "Wow..mane and tail whitener". It worked for my mare with white mane and tail. Got it bright white. It helps get the dinginess out.

But if its that way, maybe let his tail go darker to match??? Can't do much about it.

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