Color enhancers that you use for Palominos?

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Nov 30, 2002
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Someone new is coming to live here at our ranch. I was wondering if the color enhancers seem to work for pale palominos? I guess Dynamite carries a product like that but I can not find it on the web. Thanks for the help guys!
Never tried em, but I have found that pals are the color they are. Light or dark. I have one light one and 2 dark. I'd be curious but doubt I would use anything.
If you do a search for the Gold as Sun you should come up with it. We have a palomino who turned a beautiful golden color his second year with just adding the BOSS and he had pretty dapples too! Some add sage to enhance color. Sure you will get other ideas too. Mary
I used BOSS for the first time this year, and my usually pale palomino turned a beautiful golden color. I had alot of friends comment on how pretty he was this year.
Thanks guys!

Asia how old was your palomino when he turned darker? Thanks!
I gave the Gold as Sun a 6 month trial prior to shedding season this past year and don't think it made much dfference for Triggy. It may work on some horses better than others or perhaps he will grow a bit darker with age. Kind of pricey stuff so I think I'll try either BOSS or flax next year to see if there is noticable improvement.
I feel the flax actually enhances all colors. But, some of these pallys are destined to be light creme forever.
I have two, and while they do get a touch more gold with the flaxseed, they are just never gonna be deep, rich coppery gold. Also, as they age they sometimes do get a degree or two more intensity to actual "color" but almost nothing will make them a lot darker....except Clairol
Well if it works like the black as knight dont use it, it will take the color away.

I had a palomino that is actually a isabella palamino. As a 3 year old she was real gold and dappled, now this year as a 4 year old she was again white.
Asia said:
I used BOSS for the first time this year, and my usually pale palomino turned a beautiful golden color.  I had alot of friends comment on how pretty he was this year.

He was 20 years old and never looked so beautiful
Thank you so much!!!! I love the effects of BOSS as it is.

I appreciate the help. The one that I am getting, seems to have darker colored hair around the eyes but is only a year old. So maybe it will get darker later. I will post photos when it is here. Thanks again. -Kim
As far as keeping that golden color in palominos The most natural way is keeping them out of the sun so they don't fad by the sun shining on them.. My best neighbor and horse show judge has palominos and well lets just say does not see much sun light but when out sure has a sheet on her to keep the sun from beaching the color..And does not feed much of anything to enhance the color just a vitamin supplement that her Son (a Vet) is selling~! And soon to go nation wide with his product of which He has been selling only locally for the past 10 years or so...after many years of researching nutrition requirements for the Equine...
Just want to add, my hubby says it is the carrots he feeds his palomino stallion that makes him have a rich golden color.
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