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Sep 29, 2006
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Could someone tell me exactly what I've got here?

My yearling filly's dam was a solid sorrel, no appy traits but with a very strong appy background. My filly's sire was a few spot leopard. The filly was born solid sorrel with striped hooves but no mottling. She is beginning to mottle around her eyes now.

Georgia as a baby.


Georgia today freshly clipped & some spots.



It appears she does have a tiny bit of mottling, but appears to be a silver dapple and I understand sometimes they can have some 'freckling' as well?? It does not appear that she has white sclera around her eyes, something that would also be required to be Appy. I dont see anything that yells Appy to me...
I am going to say Silver Bay as her color. A lot of the silver horses have striped hooves and weird coat spottings, even if they have no appy. I am saying silver bay because of the golden hue around her face.

Aren't few spot appys supposed to be homozygous.......? Wouldn't this mean that your horse must be an appy?
Few spots are about 99% homozygous.... and just having characteristics are considered colored.

Do we know for SURE if he is a true few spot, or is he a varnish roan or a grayed out horse?? He has to be out of 2 Appy parents and has to also have a leopard parent or possibly grandparent.
Her Grandsire on her dams side is Carousel Fire Lance a chestnut app. Her Sire is Iles Harvest Moon which is a black app.
Do you have a picture of her sire?? I don't really see appy and the striped hooves mean nothing when you have a silver because silver often causes this. Your girl looks pretty freshly clipped which could cause those spots too. I don't see the mottling. She does still have time to appy out though.
It takes a leopard parent or grandparent to make a true few spot. Fire Lance was not a leopard- dont know about the other horse you named. Fire Lance is on my reference page and he is a red roan.

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