Coco in his Hawian costum

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Jul 11, 2005
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Green Springs Ohio
He is entered into the 'dress your exhibited animal contest' at our local fair aug 24th. Well i decided to dress him as a hawian dancer. They dont usually have many mini's ..usually chickens and ducks and stuff like that. Here are some pics ..i finially got his costume yesterday guy dropped it off while i was working.

Here he is fully decked out!


Here is a close up on the front of it ..coconut bra and flower neclace



How very cute. Will his skirt stay on? You may have to move it up his belly and maybe trim the part on the ground so he won't step on it. you could also wrap his halter in rafia or put flowers all around it
I bet you two are going to steal the show. Rabbits and cats are going to find it hard to compete against Coco.
I think you have a winner there. I lived in HI for 4 years while I was in the Air Force, and I think you have the costume down. Good luck.

lol thanks.

The skirt adjusts to fit anywhere from a 30inch waist to a 40 inch waist. The wind was blowing horriably and i had it loose since i was just trying to check the lenght. I did have the bra strap going behind his legs ..but i changed it to go over his back behind the neck strap. Now it stays on much better. I think im going to try the putting flowers on his halter thing ..i could use that halter he has one since i still need to get a new one so he looks good at the fair and a show halter!. i like that idea. Im still going to pick up some stuff over the next couple days that i like. I have some shells and beads im going to put around his neck to i think.

(mom had a crazy idea to put this hawian hula dancing girl that my bro has in the front dash of his car on coco's back but that wouldnt work out to well i dont think). lol
by the way ..sorry about him being a little dirty. He found a beautiful pile of poo to sleep in last night that he made right after i cleaned the stall
That is cute. He will take the show. Have fun with it. He looks like he is good natured about it.
Marion Posted Today, 09:15 PM   That is cute. He will take the show. Have fun with it. He looks like he is good natured about it.
Thanks for the good natured part though. He bit off one of the straw skirt things. It cant hurt him if he did get 1 or 2 though. You could strap a bomb to the back of this horse and he wouldnt have a care in the world as long as he has plenty of grass! lol ...(no i would never do that ..the bomb would have to get through me first and thats allot to get through). I did walk him around about 4 minutes though before this so he could get use to it so i cheated. I walk him around a couple minute every other day w/ it on just so he gets use to it.

I also plan on spraying some hairspray glitter all over him (animal tested so its safe ...might still call though. Im werid about making sure stuff is safe!). And his hoofes will be black just to make it look fancy.

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