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Jul 11, 2005
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Green Springs Ohio
Okay ..our fair is coming up August 23. One of the things i entered coco in was the 'dress you exibited animal' contest. I think its basically where you just dress you animal up and ppl choose the best one. I think that right. Its a fair so i dont know if its different. Am i right? is that basically what it is? or do i need to do other things as well.

I need costum ideas. I dont have to dress up ..but co' does. Here are my ideas and i need more that are somewhat easy but good.

-Cocoanut bra and the hawian skirt.

-Suit with the black hat. (black painted hooves as well) but he is a boy so ..idk

-A baseball player (the tihgt striped pants and jersy and baseball hat ..i like that one)

I cant think of anymore. Let me know which one you like or give me ideas. Thanks ...one month left.

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