CMHR's Emmy had her final Vet Visit Today

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Aug 20, 2003
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This is a wonderfully happy ending for a little one coming into the rescue. The Vet came this am and took the staples out and said her eye has healed up fine. Emmy stood there without sedation while Dr Brooks took the staples out. What a doll this little one is! Asked the Vet if she was ready to go to her new home and she gave the ok. This will be a bittersweet time for me as she was so sick with colic when she was left here almost 2 months ago. Then a week later finding the ulcer in the eye. The love and patience that Emmy has for caregivers is imeasurable. She has been poked, prodded having her eyes messed with 4 times a day with 6 different medications and never losing it with me. Do it over again? Yes I would! I have gotten really attached to this little girl. My guys have wanted to knock her off her feet so they will be glad when they have the run of the whole place again with out this G-I-R-L! These almost 2 months have gone by so fast but she needs to move on. I will post pictures of her tomorrow also one of the eye without the staples. I have learned a lot from this rescued horse called Emmy! Emmy's new people are coming to pick her up in the morning.
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Awww I am so happy for you. You put a lot of love and worry into her. There are not that many people that would put themselves out there with a little girl that was sick as she was. I am sure she thanks you and will remember you always for caring for her when she needed it.
What a lucky girl she is to have had you and CMHR and now her new family.


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