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Nov 30, 2002
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We have watched the shetland classes and enjoyed them, this year we are showing a classic gelding for the first time, him and us
In one of the show schedules there is a section called "Classic Equitation" and has listed, Classic Equitation Walk, then another Classic Walk/Trot---can someone please explain what these two classes are?

Thank you!
I believe those are the riding classes, i dont think they are "leadline" ..i think they are exactly what they say they are

Pretty sure it different from leadline though if it is what i watched at congress ...
Thanks Leeana for your response. That explains it then, I have never watched the riding shetland classes. Have heard of them but never knew what they were called.
An equitation class is judged on the rider not the horse a under saddle class (using English riding terms here) is judged on the horses way of going not the riders technical ability. Of course the whole picture comes into play during judging.

At least that is what it means and big horse horse shows.
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