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Nov 30, 2002
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Southern, NJ
Was just wondering when there's going to be traffic again on the rescue Auction? There's been no activity and have had some things set aside for it to donate.
Cathy is on her way to Texas to hand out rescue info for us at A nationals!! We had all decided to stop the auction until after all the nationals were over as we were not getting many bids. I do think once nationals is over the auction will pick up again as everyone will have more time. Can you please hang on to your donations just a little longer???

A big thanks to both of you! I really think the auction will go alot better this fall

Also a huge thanks to Cathyjo for going to Nationals and spreading the word about CMHR
Oh good I can't wait!!! Out of all the auctions on the internet I like Lil Beginnings the best. It's so much easier...and user friendly!!!

And cathyjo--you go girl!!! Spread the word...and congrats on your winnings too!!!

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