Cassidy goes for surgery on the 21st of April

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Mar 19, 2006
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Willliamsburg, MA
Long story short she's had ear infections for her whole life (she's 8). Well she had a tube put in 2 years ago, and it finally fell out. A month ago she complained of a sore throat. Looked in her mouth and her tolsils were almost touching anf covered in white gook. Took her to the dr.'s, they did strep test - they came back negative. NO meds for now. Whent back later that week took another strep test - negative again, had blood tests, all came back negative. Sent her to a ENT, same office her ear doctor is in. New dr. says prednisone for 5 days, antibiotics for 10 days. They didn't work at all. So she said her tonsils and adnoids have to come out. Cassidy had a double ear infection in Feb. and another one sided ear infection in Dec. They are hoping that they don't have to do anything with her ears again, but they won't know until they have her under and check them more throughly.

Keep her in your thought and prayers. She's very nervous. She'll be out of shcool for 2 weeks that's why we are having it done the begining of school vacation so she'll only stay out of school one week.

(((HUGS))) and prayers for Cassidy. She can think of all the ice cream that she will get!


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((((HUGS)))) and prayers being sent for Cassidy.

It'll be no time at all until she is feeling better.
Christy, so sorry to read that Cassidy has to have surgery. It is scarey for them(Jamie had it done when he was 7). They did they works on him(tonsils, tubes and adnoids). He was so much healthier and better after the surgery. Only thing is to make sure she drinks after surgery. Jamie was very bullheaded and would not drink. He ended back in the hosptial for two more days because he was dehydrated..
But after everything was healed he did really good. The surgery doesn't take that long, and they let me go back with Jamie and stay with him until he was under. Then I was right beside him as he stared to wake up. He thought I was with him the whole time
. You and Cassidy will be in my thoughts and prayers..
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sending prayers for her...tell her she'll get lots of icecream and popcicles!
Sending prayers your alls way. Good Luck...

When my son was 2 1/2 he had to have his tonsils and adenoids removed ( they were the size of an adult thumb) Had tubes put in and he was a different child! He had been sick since he was 4 months old with ear infections constantly and wasnt talking well. After the surgery he wasnt sick anymore and talked us crazy!! He is almost 15 now and very healthy, not ever sick much....

Oh I forgot my daughters name is Cassidy too!!
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Will be keeping Cassidy in our thoughts and prayers. Hope she comes through this with flying colors and doesn't have to suffer with anymore ear infections.
My son also had tubes in several times, then tonsils and adenoids out. He had very healthy tonsils--but they touched and caused sleep apnea. He had a large incision, so it took a while to heal. I had stocked the freezer with popscicels, but he couldn't open his mouth far enough to get them in, so he had many many milkshakes and Carnation instant breakfasts. The drinking part is very important. It's the worst part. The patient wants nothing to do with swallowing anything, but they have to take meds to lessen the pain so they can drink. I just told him I'd have to take him back to the hospital for an IV if he didn't drink, and that's the only line that did the trick.
Ironically, he never had strep until after his tonsils were out.
Cassidy and I will be having surgery on the same day.
We will add her to our prayer list. What time is her surgery?
I'm not sure. We have to be there by 6am. I won't know the exact time until the Friday before. We will have you in our prayers also. Hopeing you have a speedy recovery.


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