can someone explain the pony registries

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Mar 10, 2004
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I have heard that the offspring from a registered pony (reg. in what, I'm not sure) and a non-AMHR/AMHA mini can be registered into that pony registry. As long as one is registered (and DNAd I think(. Is that true?
Can someone point me in the right direction?

I have a nice stallion that I was thinking about breeding to a small registered pony mare.
I think what you are thinking of is the new National Show Pony parent must be either AMHR or ASPC registered and there is a DNA requirement I think for both parents of the foal to be registered......

Otherwise most of the pony registries are closed and there are quite a few breeds of ponies out there.'s pretty bad when you know so little about something that you can't even ask the right question! At least from here I can look further.

Thank you very much!
I understand it a bit different there must be one parent that is AMHR or ASPC reg the other parent can be any other breed. the resulting foal must measure in at 14.2 or under and the parent that is reg with AMHR or ASPC must be DNA'd as well as the foal but not the other parent of another breed

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