Can Pregnant mares get Laminitis

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Oct 31, 2004
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Auckland New Zealand
We have a lot of new grass growth at the moment. I am concerned about my mare and Laminitis. She is not overweight but what I would consider a good weight for being half way through her pregnancy.

I was told by an experienced breeder that it is not possible for a mare to get Laminitis and Founder when she is in foal.

I was just wondering if there is any truth to this?

Thanks in advance
yes, a pregnant mare can get laminitis and founder! I would get her gradually used to the new grass just as any other horse.
Yes, pregnant mares can get laminitis and founder. I had a mare develop laminitis for the second trimester of her pregnancy for reasons unknown. It was not due to feed change or grass. Then I had a foundered mare who foundered again for the first month and half of her pregnancy. The vets said it was her body adjusting to being pregnant. These two mares were on grass hay, plain oats and vitamins during their pregnancies and did great once their systems adjusted.

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