Can offer home to a rescue, N.E. Houston

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Oct 6, 2003
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I have 14 minis, one of wom is a rescue. There's always room for one more..... Great pastures and shelter, all vaccines, lots of love......

Thank you SO much for posting! We are so proud of CMHR and our growing list of folks who contribute. I am sure Kay will be in touch with you as well, but I just wanted to say "hi", thanks and welcome! Please check out our website if you haven't already been!

Lara Tibble

State Coordinator

Hi Betsy

Its been a little crazy here at rescue for the last couple weeks so please excuse the delay in replying! We would love to have your help. All of our fostering forms are on our website. You can fill them in and email them or mail them to me. My address is on the forms. Our website is

thanks so much

Oh WOW!! Two Betsys want to help. Get those compleated forms* to us and you're in business. Please make sure you include 3 references (explained on forms) and join CMHR.

We Welcome you both...


*Application to Join and Foster Forms can be downloaded from our Web Site.

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