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Mar 10, 2004
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Just wondering if anyone has ever bred a mini stallion to a QH mare? I think we may have succeeded here. But only time will tell.

Just wondering if others have had experience with this and what the results were.
Well I cant tell you, but I will deffinently be interested in the outcome.

But Ive got two questions...


& [SIZE=14pt]HOW!?[/SIZE]
That must have been one heck of a ditch

Edited to add: someone here a couple of years ago bred a B size mini to an arabian mare.
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Miss_Fortune said:
But Ive got two questions... Why?

& [SIZE=14pt]HOW!?[/SIZE]


It's called Sarah. We had talked about it. She tried it. Surprise.

We had been looking around for a QH stallion, but hadn't found one yet.
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Tracy too funny I will be interested to see how you make out leave it to Sarah.
Actually yes its becomming "all the rage" to bred a Quarter Horse mare to a Miniature horse stallion.

The outcome is a 11hh to 13hh pony size horse. Because horses and Miniatures dont look like ponies you come up with a pony size horse looking pony ( Hehe make any sence? ) Also due to Quater Horses and Miniature Horses calm personalitys they are a popular mount for children since there isnt the pony attitude to deal with and it makes a very pretty pony.

We actually have our questions if my little Charlie is a QH Mini cross.

Now, how this foal nurses from its Quarter Horse dam I really dont know.
Oh yes this has been done numereous times. It's the ever popular 1/8th horse registry. The AEHOA is now accepting donations to build the first ever AEHOA performance track. They have accepted bids from various locations, with the winner being the MOA (Mall of America, currently home to a theme park) The AEHOA MOA location will allow members to shop between the 14 second, 1/24th mile race.

The AEHOA is also hosting the AEHOA Olympics, being held at Mt Olumphump. contestents from around the world will be attending, with a Yankee Candle Votive being used as the torch. Watch for it to trot through your town!! The AEHOA Olympics XIXI0 is expected to raise dozens of dollars for breeding ramps and shovels. Note - the water polo has been cancelled because the wading pond was too deep for participants.

Sorry Long night!
they do have a Quarter Pony Registration with some awesome looking horses.......
My friends bred a miniature stallion to a Foxtrotter mare. The resulting foal was tall enough to reach the faucets! It had no problems nursing or keeping up with mom. It just never got as big as it's mom. Cute little filly too! Very pretty and awesome movement.

They put the stallion (32") in the back of a pickup truck and backed the mare up to the truck. They had spotters incase the little guy fell off.

Tony of Little America was crossing with Hackney mares and the foals grew up to be a nice size B mini. He had a neat setup to get the job done.
Sounds like an interesting cross to make a nice size kids pony! Mary
I did it with my Arab mare and my 33" stallion (Amira was 14.2 hh) He could manage OK but when I tried a few years alter with Rabbit- no luck. Without going into too much detail it was not possible- not a lack of "talent" just physically impossible!! Oliver- the result from Amira, was 34" at birth and made 12.2hh at maturity. He was very beautiful- a pale Red Dun like his father, with a blond mane and tail, and you could see the Arab when he moved, sound as a bell and moved like a dream. Harness trained him and he had to be put in with the Horses on the drives as his stride was so long!! HOWEVER- he was definitely a pony, not a horse. When crossing breeds like this the blood tends to fall to the strongest factor in the blood, which, in this case, was Fred's Pony blood, whenever I have crossed Welsh to Arab I have had the most ethereal, Miniature Arabs- you do not get the same result with Minis- also, the height difference is not great either- I have bred the same size using Welsh X Arab. I know you have far more limited resources over there, Pony and Horse breed wise, but, having done it the once, I never did it again, although I have done the Arab X Welsh cross many, many times.
I know of someone who's paint stallion would only breed her mini mares and he managed it through a fence........the foals turned out quite nice landing in the 12.2 to 13.2 height birth they were of normal size for a miniature.

I know someone who used to breed her shetland stallion to her arab mares and produced some very very nice "show pony" type 1/2 arabs.
yes i did try..didn't have any luck though. We suspect the stallion was a dud (not my stallion it was a friends). He's been bred to 3 or 4 other mares with no resulting pregnancies and some of the mares have had foals previously so they SHOULDN'T have been the sterile one(s). I was going to try again this spring but i couldn't get my stud silver the least bit intrested in chrissy (my Standardbred) even though she was in full blown heat. he apparently doens't like big butts because he turned around and bred my mini mare right after!! lol! I am really tempted to try one more time this fall with my newest stud fireball..but i'm not sure it's getting late in the season again.....though this late foal hasnt' been half bad to this point. the temps are cooler, less bugs, ect. We'll see! let me know if the mare takes!
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There is actually now an ad on the sales board. Some one is selling their Arab Mini Cross.

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