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hi everyone

I was just contacted today by a family needing to place their blind mini in a new home. She is totally blind and 16 yrs old. Very good health other than being blind. I will be setting up a time to pick her up and will post pics when we get her. She is buckskin and owner says has a very good disposition. Located in Illnois

Have you contacted Deb? You know her place is horse heaven.
hi mary

as usual i lost deb's number. I emailed ginny asking for it. Im hoping she can foster her. Deb is such a great foster mom
Mary do you know if she ever got her computer fixed?

I am here, just got on for the first time a couple of days ago. computer is borrowed but eventually we will get a new one... the mare sounds interesting. I can foster her but we will need to find a permanent loving home eventually, since in a couple of years I will be retiring and moving, but that should buy us some time till the perfect permanent owner comes along! I left a message on your voicemail, give me a call when it is convenient!

I am brand new to this forum, wish I could save your little girl but live in North Carolina. Have 8 acres and only three minis but love everyone of them. Good luck in finding her a forever home.
thank you so much Deb

Her owner called me friday but now i havent heard a word. i emailed her again this morning. Ill let you know as soon as i hear. Shes in Tuscola.
There is a lady in Belvidere, IL, Petra mains that loves to take in things like this.

Farm is Maines Lost Acres. She has nice place and goes above and beyond the call of duty for all animals.

good luck with her.


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