Bisous had her foal!!!

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Mar 9, 2020
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Menifee, CA
Bisous, one of the three mini mares we "rescued" in March, foaled a gorgeous filly this morning at 1:55am, she was up in 20 minutes and was nursing within the hour and mom had cleaned out. She is marked almost exactly like momma and is looking like she is a silver bay, she has beautiful brown tone to her and her mane is chocolate, no black hairs, tail is also chocolate with lots of cream hairs in it. She is beautiful and so sweet and her mom, although very protective is being great about letting baby get to know us and be handled. Vet check later this afternoon, but all is looking glorious so far! Now for a name!!

107791151_10223722910165924_3159526990967509556_n.jpg 109152880_10223722940806690_2767375715357100349_n.jpg 108357571_10223722909965919_3699909532440253308_n.jpg 107843747_10223720262299729_4645735083430632409_n.jpg 108995895_290765918830932_8984873478616555405_n.jpg

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