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Apr 20, 2005
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Southwest Oklahoma
My sister got my new brow band together and I tried it on my horses this evening. Do you think it is too long? I am thinking the hooks may need to be replaced with lobster claw clasps. We put jump rings on the conchos for the hooks to attach. That seems to work very well. It is lapis stones and sterling chain maille.



And just for fun, the two of them together.

I really like it too. It may look a better a bit shorter as you said but looks wonderful like it is now too.
You all did a great job. I like it as it is but agree that a bit shorter could work just as well.
Beautiful! Really makes the blue eyes stand out!

Love your just for fun picture, I am thinking that his friend thinks he is just darling as well! :)
I have a spangled parade feather head ornament that is red white and blue. So that is another reason I wanted blue stones--besides matching Hawk's blue eyes, and looking well on Dapper Dan's bay color. I need to put it all together and check out the effect!
I'd love to see a picture of one of them wearing it all when you do have it all put together! I bet they will be stunning wearing the whole set!
Dapper Dan wore his new brow band for the first time yesterday. Our town had its 44th Arts on the Square. Dapper Dan got dressed up to give rides. He was a very good boy for 2 hours, then said Enough.

I love the way people interact with miniatures! Hardly anyone can resist petting, smiling, oohing. For many, this is the first encounter Up Close And Personal they have with a live horse.

The brow band is still a little long, I think, and it came loose one side, so now we know the hooks need to be replaced with lobster claw clasps. We put split rings in the conchos for the band to attach. That is a good system.

I want her to make me one in amber next. But the sterling/lapis one goes well with his plume.

Lots of people took his picture, so I hope to see a better one. But you can sort of see how it looks in this one.

Cute feathers. Patriotic. I'm a fan of Parade feathers. Would just love to have one made of Peacock feathers and green and blue ostrich plumes for my palomino!

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