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Feb 24, 2011
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We are going to be building a new barn. Was going to pour concrete but was told not to. Thoughts? I was going to use rubber mats but if a sand floor would be best then would go with that. Like to hear thoughts pros and cons. Also what would you NOT do and what would you do if you had to do one over again. thanks
I have both. A smaller barn that is 22x24 that has concrete with mats, now used as storage since I downsized, and a 24x48 that has about 18"+ of gravel, with stall mats on top. Hands down, I prefer the gravel with the mats. The concrete does not allow drainage, the urine sits, the stone allows for drainage and less odor.
I have a pole barn with dirt floor/ stall mats and it is working well.. Plus cheaper. Depends on what part of the country you are in, drainage, etc. My vet suggested a concrete floor and I am glad I didn't do it at this point.
I have concrete floors with mats. I use shavings so it soaks up the urine and I clean stalls daily. I have taken one 12 x 12 stall, stripped it of shavings and cleaned the mats and been able to use if for a surgical suite for my vet. I like mats over concrete.

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