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Apr 26, 2006
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The Exact Center of CA, 3,158 mi from the north p
I finally finished my new cart! and as it sits with me siting up properly it has about 5lbs of down presure at the shaft ends. I have plenty of adjustment room to lighten the shafts if thats apropriate. If I lean back it lightens the shafts but wont tip back. Im very excited to finaly get to drive it. Ive already had the kids and daughter inlaw up and down the drive in it. that must have been a sight for the neibors, old fat guy pulling a pony cart! what do you think on balancing? DR. PS Ill try to post pics tomorow as Ill have one of the kids help me then.


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Pix are good DR! Ideally the cart really should have a "sweet spot" at the right height where there is no weight at all and I'd definitely shoot for that. If it's between having it flip up every time you move or having 5lbs of pressure on a well-padded saddle then I'd go for 5lbs.

That's great! Looks nice! I'm sure after a couple rides, you'll be adding some padding to that seat. I tend to slide on wood seats. So I cusioned mine.
Great job though! Looks fun and you won't lose you going down the road!
Hey, look, pictures! That's a nice-looking cart you've got there DR.
You'll be happy with the lowered singletree and so will your horse.

I agree with Keri, you're going to want padding on that seat and probably some non-skid strips on the floorboards as well so you've got something to brace on. I know you're in CA, but I know for a fact it rains there too! *LOL*

did you make this cart? if so, great job. I'm one day for my hubby to make me one- I want to paint it hot pink for my home
Thank you all! yes I did make this one. after these pics were taken I had added nonskid strips to the floor as its slick. also it gives me somewhere to put my feet without messing up the wood. Ive also added a spares box under the seat. I think your right about adding a seat pad as its very slick also.[ its eather that or nonskid!] Today I moved the axle forward about an inch. with my son in the proper position theres 15 oz of down pressure. when hes leaning way back the scale went to zero but it didnt tip back. hes about 80 lbs lighter than I am so that should be about right. the spares box is also behind the axle so I need to fill it with its normal goodies before I try it out. the seat is also adjustable for the finish adjustments. DR.
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Nice JOB! I would love to see pictures of the spares box. I need to make one and have no idea where to start.
Very nice! You should think about going into business making them!
Do U have blue prints? We are making our own and would love to see your designs. We are leaning towards an easy entry two person guys are B mini's...

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