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Jul 5, 2005
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Palmer, AK
Hi Y'all! I'm writing again to pick your collective brains!
My famly & I are leaving to go to AK, as you might know by now, & the date's been moved up.

My husband wants to visit his grandparents before going, ((they live in Battleground; WA, the sw part of the state, not too far from Portland!)) & so we don't have to haul butt back to Spokane to pick up the dogs & horses, ((Especially in JAN!)) I thought that if there were somewhere down there that any of y'all knew of where we could put the horses & dogs, & perhaps stay ourselves ((NICE excuse not to have to stay in their tiny home!)) it would save us a trip. We could visit, then head up to Bellingham, WA to where we are to catch the ferry!

PLEASE, if anyone has ANY suggestions, I'd be greatful!

I"m getting white hairs just thinking about it!


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