Arrr whats the world comeing to

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Nov 30, 2002
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HOw can somebody steal a propane tank and nobody have seen it...............Looks like its going to be a cold next few nights and a few cold showers.
No joke and oh my goodness! Ours is 1000 galloons, I'd like to see some try to steal that one!
Ashely I hope you are in southern MN, its going to get cold the next few nights and rainy!
Nope I am not I am in Taylors Falls. After talking with the neighbors last night we have found out tank. Apparently it was taken on "accident". IT will be back sometime today. IT sure was not nice wakeing up this morning. I could also really use a hot shower, and the horses are mad they dont have there beat pulp!
How does someone take somebody else's propane tank "accidently"??

At least you found it and it will be back! Brrrr!!!!
When we moved here we called every propane place around. Nobody knew who it could belong to. Well the company that it belongs to apparently said it didnt show to be in use. Hello, cars, animals, signs of life didnt make them think anybody lived here?

I can handle the chill, but this is also a 10 year old child in the house who is already sick, so no heat wasnt good.

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