Are they always for sale?

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Dec 30, 2006
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I know that with some people, their horses are always for sale..... for the right price.

Not me, I wouldn't part with my little horses. They have a home forever with me.

How about you guys...... even your favourite horse, is he/she for sale at the right price?
None of mine are officially for sale at the moment but I probably would sale almost any of them to the right home. However, my first little mare, Belle, who is pictured in my avatar with her last colt is not one of those that I would part with.
We have yet to sell one of our broodmares or stallions. We only sell the foals to pay for the feed for the rest of the herd. We get way too attached. I have some that I will probably leave here before they do
I have got some that are NFS period

There was a time when I didn't understand how people could sell horses that they love. Now I know because I've sold some horses that I love but wasn't putting to good use and with limited space and limited time, in order to do the things I wanted in minis, I had to sell some to good homes to allow me to bring in ones I would do things with...

That said, I still have some that are not for sale and are very special in my heart
Boy...I have worked hard over the last several years just to develop our herd and was so careful in what I was looking for so each ONE is special but I have sold some of our foals to help pay for the feed...shots and such for the others but they all went to good homes as my first priority and I stay in touch and get to watch them grow
Just about every horse on the place is for sale except for my gelding, Commodity. I did tell people my colt from last year wasn't for sale because we wanted to grow him on and show him as a yearling, but if someone had offered me a decent price, bye bye coltie!
According to the IRS, every horse on the place is for sale. However . . . .
When the day comes (hopefully never)that I have to go into a nursing home-that little pinto yearling in my avatar IS GOING WITH ME!!
I am also pretty attached to my stallion. If I would decide to quit breeding, I would geld and keep him. The others I think I would sell for the right home and price.
I'm such a tire kicker, I hardly ever sell a horse. I gave forever homes to all my quarter horses and my pony. They all lived with me till the day they died. Same with Sonny. We are growing fat and old together as it should be. But forever homes are not always feasible. People get divorced, hit on hard times, become ill, and it would be selfish of them to deprive a horse of care when they can no longer do it. So I never say never anymore.

Nobody knows what horses are in my barn. I don't make anouncements and they are not all up on my website, nor do they all have price tags. I do have a couple that I will never sell if I can possibly help it. Money does not talk here. A good home does. My barn does not have a revolving door and I do not flip horses like pancakes. I could sell horses hand over fist if I want, but I don't.....because I will not ever sell to just anyone for the asking. If they cannot offer a better home than what I already offer my horses, I hit that delete key pretty fast. Come to think of it, I think we are building our third barn soon.
I've only sold one mini. Poor me! :DOH! I don't have any minis for sale. But if someone offered me an outragious price for one and it was a good home, then I would probably do it. But since I don't have anyone offering me 5K for them, they'll stay here.
I would probably sell later on in life when I feel my horses are youth quality and I've really shown them out. Then I would let them go on and teach someone something new.
Nope not here I am SO attatched to mine; BUT if something had to happen and I would have to sell it WOULDNT be Wee Man.

I am VERY attatched to my guys REALLY can't see myself selling any.
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According to the IRS, every horse on the place is for sale. However . . . .

Yes, as I was going to say too, if you are declairing your farm to the IRS, all of your horses are for sale. Just some have a price on them that no one would be willing to pay for
While I agree about the IRS part...

I have two horses on my place that aren't for sale. One was my first pony. I have had him for over 20 years and he'll die on my farm. The second is an oops filly that was born when I was a junior in high school. She's just an amazing horse. I've been offered tens of thousands for both of them and each and every offer has been flatly refused. I just won't sell them.

However... the other ten on the farm? Make me an offer.
We have 9 minis and 5 foals expected this year

the 5 foals will be for sale

(unless we really fall in love to quickly,possibly with 1)

we would have no reason to breed if not to sell the foals,

so far with our past foals have sold to wonderful loving homes

as we would not be able to afford to care for them as we want to

and keep to many.

but our grown horses

(mares, stallions,gelding) have a home with us.

even if we stopped breeding we have 2 that will go no where

of course we wouldn't keep 9 if that were to happen
I have some that will have a home with me as long as I am around, and probably with family members even after... And then there are some that will probably remain on my place as long as I do but if I hit hard times I would be forced to consider parting with them.. And then there are ones that if someone made the right offer I am sure I would take it... Just depends on the situation and the person making the offer. There have been people that have made offers that would have been great money wise but not a good home and I have no problem passing the money by in a situation like that
even your favourite horse, is he/she for sale at the right price?
............... Not at the right price but going to the right home..... Situations change & rehoming your horses that you have bred, shown and raised for years is not a pleasant task.
We have 8 geldings that are absolutely not for sale. For IRS purposes, they are work horses for our pony ride business. Some of the others have a really nice price on them and if someone were to come and give me the price I ask and I know they will be cared for (as in--I can visit if I want) then I will tearfully kiss them goodbye and let them go. Some, however are sold to pay for the feed and showing and such. Sadly, we can't keep them all.

Our gelding Diamond M Classic Blue Image, aka Beau was one of those priceless horses that would have never been sold for any price. In fact, a few years ago at Worlds, a very well known and wealthy person in the AMHA approached my son who was 12 at the time and asked him if his horse was for sale. Nate politely told the man with all sincerity that "he did not have enough money to buy his horse". The man just smiled and said, " I can tell you really love your horse". Beau died today and our memories of him are priceless also.

Peg Balthazor
The mare in my avatar "Senda Message" and my gelding Liberachi will have forever homes with me (well my mom and I might have to duke it out over my gelding someday
You never know what life is going to hand you. That said, I currently just sell my foals. I treasure and love the mares I have and they aren't for sale, but if it comes down to paying my bills or feeding my children, unfortunately, they would be looking for the best of homes.

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