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Oct 31, 2004
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Quebec, Canada
I have a week old colt, he had diarehea this morning but did suck. I checked on him just awhile ago, he is laying down, diahrea on his bum and legs and seems week. Anyone had this happen to a colt. Should I milk the mare and give him milk as I don't think he has sucked lately and may be dehydrated. A vet is on the way but may not be here for a hour. The vet clinic is 45 minutes away.
hopefully the vet will get their soon -- they can get dehydrated very easily.... I dont have any advice other than I hope your foal is ok...
Week old colt with dihrrea might be foal heat. Weakness in legs - not sure, vet will help. See if he will pull an IGG test.
Sounds like he's dehydrated from the runs.. Do you have any Gatorade? If so I'd give him some, will help get fluids and electrolytes back into him
Hope your little colt is OK thinking of you
I would think it is from foal heat also. I know my little guy lays down quite a bit. The little ones play hard and rest alot.
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I am glad you have your vet on the way, foals can go downhill so fast, it could be from foal heat BUT it also could be he picked up some bacteria and needs antibiotics......keep his rear clean and put some vaseline or something to protect his rear, hopefully the vet will get there asap.......sometimes people say pepto or immodium will help, but he may need antibiotics.........good job on calling the vet. I pray he will be just fine!
Keeping my fingers crossed it is just something simple like a foal heat in the mare(the weakness would definitely concern me.) My filly from last year got runny poop about that age and it went on for quite some time until I figured out she was licking the salt block for extended periods of time and put it out of her reach. However she was never weakened at any time. Hope the vet finds something quickly.
Do you have any pedialyte you could give him? It will help until the vet arrives if he is just dehydrated. Sounds like the mare may be coming into foal heat and the little one is getting a bad case of the poops. We have always used kaopectate on them and have used immodium....not sure how much. Your vet will be your best help with a foal, they do go down fast. I would give some pedialyte until the vet gets there.
He is right at the age for the mares foal heat, which gives them the runs- some worse than others.

If you think he is not feeling well though, it's better to have a vet check to make sure!! These little guys can go downhill quickly at such a young age.
My 3 week old colt had bad diarrhea a few days ago, so I brought him and his mom inside and gave him BioSpnge that night and the next AM. He has been fine since and it has now been a few days. Great stuff that Bio Sponge. I recomend everyone having it on hand!!
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Bad news, Bandit did not make it. Vet worked on him for 45 minutes, gave him liquids intravenously but his little heart couldn't take the stress and he had a heart attack while vet was there. Vet tried to revive him but to no avail.
. He was a little fighter and the vet tried so hard to save him.
Yes it is, he is my 3rd mini I have lost. First one was a filly in 2005 that I never got to know. She died during birth. Second was my stallion, Cody, now little Bandit. It hurts, especially since it was so unexpected. He was just a wiggling and vet was putting fluids into him intravenously, then he just stopped breathing. Vet believes it was a heart attack due to the stress.
So very sorry for your loss it can happen so quickly sometimes ((((HUGS))))))
Oh no! Bless your did the right thing calling the vet.......I am so sorry. And your poor mare must be grieving too, which makes it even harder, I bet.
Yeah I put his dam in with him so she would know he was gone. She whinned for awhile but now seems alright. I put her outside with the rest of the mares.

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