Any info on the Southern miniature horse conderation

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maranatha minis

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Apr 29, 2004
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I was wandering if there is any info on the west monroe, LA show bill, the class list is up but no prices yet?

It is June 21-22 it is an AMHR and AMHA show, 1 day each, i think "R" is Saturday. sorry, it is the southern Miniature horse confederation, I think.
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Here is the link for all the information available at this time on the Southern Miniature Horse Confederation's

[SIZE=12pt]"Magnolia Miniature Classic Show"[/SIZE] being held June 21-22, 2008 West Monroe, LA.

The show is AMHR and AMHA.

AMHR will be on Saturday and AMHA on Sunday. Great "air conditioned, state of the art facility."

There are 11 JackPot money added classes.

The premium book will be out soon, will be added to the above link and I will post the info here for all.

If you want a premium book mailed to you contact:

Show Manager

David Wright - Harper, Kansas


[email protected]
Thanks!! I am looking forward to this show!! New faces to meet.


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