AMHR's stupid new rule I wish they can change!

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Dec 16, 2002
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Wentworth, MO
A friend of mine who bought a mare from me she foaled early this year and she just started getting the foal registered in late June. The stallion (now gelding) bred the mares when he was 2, and he was born on July 1st and he can't be updated to pernament until that day!

Well my friend got her foal's application back in the mail after waiting over a month saying that the foal can't be registered until the stallion is pernament. Thing is I sent in my gelding's papers to get pernament 6 days after his birthdate and but since I sent my stuff in later and she sent her stuff in eariler she pretty much got screwed.

Here is the new rule!

AMHR horses for which an application for registration has been submitted to the AMHR National Office, will be registered only if the sire and dam have been updated from temporary to permanent status.

So does this mean for example only that if you breed a yearling to a 3 yr old mare that already has pernament papers the foal can't be registered until the stallion is 3 and has permanent status?

I think what it should say is foal's can't be registered until there sire and dam has there papers updated and not expired!

Sorry I am confused and a little irritated for my friend.
When did this happen? Where is the rule written? I don't remember any thing like this even being brought up at Convention, and all members that are there get to vote on the rule changes.
Well I had it happen to me just last week I had sent a fillies reg papers in over a month ago and got them back saying the same thing...........I bought the dam bred so didn't own the stallion, contacted stallion owner, she has sent them in and I have resent the fillies paperwork off again just today.

It has to be new as I don't ever remember it happening before........

Not a huge deal, I just didn't have any idea it was in effect.
Magic said:
When did this happen?    Where is the rule written?  I don't remember any thing like this even being brought up at Convention, and all members that are there get to vote on the rule changes.   


Magic if you look under Registration in the rulebook under AMHR it's the 4th rule and it's highlighted in the dark grey. It explains it.

It's not a big deal it's just a little irritating that the stallion has to be pernament right on his birthdate or you can't register the foal. I wish they would allow it until the papers expire which is on Dec. 31st. Once they do the foal's can't be registered until brought pernament.
I don't have the 2005 rulebook, I only have the 2004, and it's not in there. Interesting... apparently, rules are able to be put in without member's knowledge or input....
Well AMHA has always done it that way...........on the stallions 5th birthday if he is not permanent you have to wait to register any foals until he is.

It is not saying that the stallion can't have foals UNTIL he is Permanent, what is it saying is that once the stallion is of his Permanent status (3 AMHR, 5 AMHA) to the day, at that time until he gets "labeled" permanent then no foals can be registed until the paperwork is complete.
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So what your saying is for example if you had a stallion born on July 1st, 2002 you can register the foals before that day, but you can't after until once he is pernament?
I haven't went and read the rulebook as I dont' have one for this year and my computer wont' open the one on R's site........

But I am sure what they are doing is just like AMHA has been doing.

Stallions CAN reproduce before they are permanent and have REGISTERED foals, but say for example his birthday is June 1 2000, so for AMHA any foals born and Sent into the office and Processed before June 1, 2005 will be registered no problem, after June 1, 2005 then even if the foal was born May 1 of that year but not sent in till June 2, 2005 that foal will HAVE to wait to be registered until the sire is brought up to permanent status.

Really all you have to do is be sure and send in your permanents when they are due (AMHA does this with mares also so I bet AMHR will also)
I read it how erica did that a horse that is say 2 and bred mares foals could be reg before his 3rd birthday no problem.. after his 3rd birthday he must be brought perm. so all paperwork is up to date before foals could be reg.
Ok I get it now. The wording in the rulebook confuses me a bit.

However, I still wish they would allow to the expiration date, but that's just me, nothing isn't going to change my mind on it lol.

Sorry just had to vent a little, my week hasn't been the best.
The same thing here, but only alittle twist.

I have 2 foals out of the same stallion. one filly one colt. Sent in the fillies papers in May got them back no problem .Sent in the colt and got the responce about the stallion not being prem.

I sold the stallion so now have to wait and HOPE she does it soon. The colt is sold and I gave my word the papers will be good. I'm sure the gal will do it as she bought him to use on her AMHR/AMHA mares. But when?? Hope she does not wait until December.UGH He turned 3 in mid July, if he ere still mine I would of done it by now.

Wish I had know the rule was changing I would of held onto him until

I knew all his paperswork was done and up to date, so I would not have to worry if she will.
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Well whats really frusterating with my friend is she has proof that AMHR recieved her foal's application 2 days before the stallions (or geldings) birthday and when she called AMHR to make sure everything was ok 2 days later they said they never recieved it, but they signed for it two days ago!

Now she has to rush it so she can make sure she gets her foal's registration papers for Nationals!

She is very frusterated with AMHR now with all these rule changes, 2 times she signed to show her filly, at one show they didn't have the rule book out yet and there was a new rule about showing foals and she couldn't show her filly. The second show it was too late but she already signed up that by July 1st you have to have proof her her foal's registration! Well the show was on July 1st lol. So now I am frusterated for her.

As a good will guesture why not offer to help with the perm application and if the cost is an issue offer to pay the fee. Might be better to help than lose a customer.

Just a thought

Hum.........good to know, cause now I will be expecting my fillies papers to come back that way. Should probably call and fine out. I sent out the registration work for the filly the first part of July. They dam goes perm the 12 of JUly. I havent sent out her papers yet as I havent had time but guess better get her measured and on that today.
Crap! I didnt know that either and mine is JUST ready to go permanent. Guess I better get those in RIGHT NOW!!
just had the same thing happen here too but it wasnt a big deal. i just sent his perm paper in asap and it was done. He had JUST passed his bday and i just didnt think to send it in that quick

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