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Little Wee Horse Farm

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Nov 30, 2002
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Hi - Wondering if anyone else is having problems getting show results from I've been trying to follow a few that I sold, but can't get past the page where you choose what type of show you want. It just stays & stays and finally says I can't go there. Anyone else having problems or is it just me? My ISP stinks, by the way.
Hmmm I just went there and click on several pages and they came up very fast with no problem the Show results,,events etc. No problem for me sorry..
[SIZE=14pt]I got into the show results ok but the life to date hall of fame all say no info available....[/SIZE]

Seems to be working for me, but it directs you to another page, do you maybe have a popup blocker and its not letting the page come up? And usually if I get a page that says no info available I just go back and start again. It usually comes up then.
OK, so I went back, got into the show results & it lists each show separately? It used to be that there was a place to type in the horse's name & it would take you to his results. But NOW you have to know precisely what show he or she was in??? That's asking too much! These horses are being shown all over the place. I can't possibly know the name or date of each one. If you were trying to find the show record on a horse you are considering to buy, you'd never see the results unless the seller was specific about which show & when. What a rip, if that's the case!
And what about looking up parents of horses you are considering buying? Is this true? If it is, I wonder who thinks up these procedures? I'd like to see an explanation, other than it's easier for the typist.
On the first page where you can look up the shows on the left hand side is a place to put in the horses number and it will give you all the shows and such for this year.
If you just want to look at a specific horse all you have too do is too type in the horse's registration # under Show Performance Record and it will show all the show results of that horse this year!

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