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Oct 18, 2003
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I am going through the Premium book and there has to be at least 92 classes that you can enter the same horse in??!!

Anyways, I notice there are specific classes for THree and Four year olds (say class 265 for instance). Here is the question...does this class qualify for the Championships??

Also, I read the book to say that as long as I am entered in A (or ONE) class, I can enter any others once I get there??? Like enter a halter and then post in a driving class??

Any help apprectiated!!!

[SIZE=14pt]Yes kim that is true. Also in each class they name a national champion and you get a plaque if you win first and a silver tray for second. You dont get a championship ribbon though until the Stake classes. You just need to show in one other class in that division like 3-4 year old pleasure to go in the pleasure stake on saturday.[/SIZE]

ps did you call Bruce about your cart????


Thanks for the info.

Got a hold of Bruce and the dear sweet darling sais YES. I think he liked the fact he didn't have to give it feed or water LOL.

Hmm..when is Congress anyways ??

[SIZE=14pt]First weekend in August.[/SIZE]

Just remeber if you add any classes this year that you must do it 2hrs before that session starts! And if you want to scratch and add any classes do it at the same time!
Thought it was a good idea about the requirement to verify that you were going to show a class, so that they could determine splits, but that hadn't really seemed to be the problem, as far as I could tell last year. The problem seemed to be deciding IF they would even offer to split a class REGARDLESS of the number of entries, if I'm to believe what the gentleman running the gate/paddock area said.

I had inquired quite early in the day to find out if they were going to split my driving class, since it had nearly 30 entries, especially in light of a couple of "incidents" that occured during some of the driving classes that had already been held. Paddock/gate man replied that "the number of horses in those classes didn't cause those accidents, and as far as he was concerned there shouldn't be any splits." Errr, no, the numbers didn't CAUSE the accidents, but if there are 30 ponies flying around the pen, and one of them flips, trips, etc. there's NO WHERE to go to avoid adding to the fracas.

Maybe someday we could have a set number max per split as a rule? Probably impossible/impractical for the weekend R shows due to the variety of arena sizes, but surely for Nationals? Say 15?
Regardless of SIZE of horse there should never be any more than 12-15 DRIVING ENTRIES for saftey sake!!!!! Man o man that is nuts if they don't split..imagine if one busts loose from the harness amid 30+ entries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just wait till you try to drive in some of those classes. Even with splits a lot of these people in the ring DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DRIVE! Some have never been in a class that size and some are in lala land. Linda B
[SIZE=14pt]It is not unheard of that there would be 25 exibitors driving in the ring at once. Last year I think in one of the ladies classes they had to split it 3 ways because there were like 50 plus entered. They would call out 8 or so from each split to come back. [/SIZE]

Linda B

OMG so true. I have been in classes where they call reverse and it is a free-for-all. Mix in a couple green horses, green horns and incompetant drivers and I wanna be on the sidelines behind the rubber walls

The things I have seen coming AT me in the ring have made me go: " Uhmm, am I going the wrong way?? Or did they call for a wide open gallop instead of the road trot? Or why didn't anyone tell me this was the "harness" bronc class??

That's what keeps us on our toes...not so much the hope for a ribbon but a chance to buy the T-Shirt "I SURVIVED THE 2005 PLEASURE DRIVING CLASS AT THE NATIONALS" sans blood stains of course


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