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KTS@Sawmill River

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May 12, 2004
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Central Massachusetts
I just wanted to share our results so far because I am sooo proud of my mother and my little brother!

My younger brother, Wesley was having second thoughts about going to Nationals the day before he and my mother were supposed to leave. He was really nervous about flying and he was nervous because it is his first year showing in the Youth 13-17 division but he got himself together and went out there. And he is not regretting that decision. I am soo proud of him!!!

Wesley earned a National Champion in Youth 13-17 Junior Mares-under with our home bred mare, SRF Obsession, National Champion 13-17 Sr Mare-under with our other home bred 29" mare, SRF Party Girl(Maternal sister to Obsession), National Champion Youth Jr. Geldings 13-17 with Rocking JM 3Ts Bruce Almighty, Reserve National Champion Youth Jumper 13-17-under with my gelding, Grosshill EKs Incredible Illusion, Top Ten Youth Versatility(6th) with Grosshill Eks Incredible Illusion, Top ten(3rd) Youth Sr. Gelding 13-17-under with our home bred gelding SRF Desperado, Top Ten(3rd) youth Roadster 13-17-under with SRF Top Brass, Top ten(10th) Youth Country Pl. Driving 13-17-under with SRF Centurian, and Top Ten Youth(5th) Single Pl. driving with SRF Dainty Dancer!!!
All of those wins also helped Wesley win the High-Point Youth Boy!!! And this is from a kid who almost quit showing a few years ago.

My Mom showed a few classes and earned National Champion Amateur Sr. gelding-under With SRF Desperado, National Champion Amateur Jr. Gelding-under with Rocking JM 3Ts Bruce Almighty, Reserve National Champion Amateur Jr. Mare-under with SRF Obsession, and National Top Ten(6th) Amateur Sr. Mare-under with SRF Party Girl!!!

I Hope y'all dont mind me sharing.... I am just so ecstatic...... and Proud of my family!!! Especially my little brother!
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Congratulations on Wesleys and your Moms wins! It looks like you started off at full speed. Did I miss something or maybe you havent shown yet but how did you do? See you soon at Worlds!
You have every right to be very, very proud. Congratulations to your mother and brother. I wish that I could be there, but I cannot take off work at this time.

I hope that you will post pictures soon.

Hey Chandler,

I was not able to attend AMHR Nationals this year because I just went back to school.... hopefully next year... Wish I could have gone this year! See You in a few weeks!!!


Thank You for your kind words.... I am hoping that my mother, Laurie will be bringing some of the Shatzberg photos home with her...... I am dying to see them! Did any of your horses go to R Nationals?

My yearling filly is going and will show on Wednesday. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I'm at the Nationals and saw Wesley and your mom in a few of their classes. They both did a super job. You would of been proud of Wesley he did a great job in all his classes. This is my first time watching the Nationals. I didn't bring and horse but flew down with a friend from New Hampshire. Someday I hope to see my granddaughter her at the Nationals.
I was in the jumper class as well and I must say, he was VERY fast and he did an amazing job. I got a 4th in that class and I was only .68 above the winner of that class.
Contratulations! got anything showing Tuesday...planning on going to watch that day. Live only 1 1/2 hours from there. wish I could go everyday, but can't.
Thank You All so much for your kind words!!!


I hope that your filly does well!!! Good Luck!!!


On Tuesday my aged stallion, SRF Centurian will be showing in the Model stallion and the Aged Stallion 3 and older 30-32"-under. We also have a mare, SRF Dainty Dancer in Single Pleasure Driving 30-32, Mares Single Pleasure driving-under and a Gelding, Grosshill EK Creations Duke Of Earl in Open Roadster-under. We also have a stallion, SRF Noble Flaire in Open Park Harness-under.
Hi Jen,

I am planning on going to the World Show.... My father thought it would be fair if I showed at one Nationals/Worlds and Wesley showed at the other.

Are you going to go?

Hope to see you there!!!

Hey Krisina-

Yes, we'll be at the World Show, but I'm only showing on Amateur day. Things are so crazy with work that I can't take the whole week off like I usually do.

(We're running a huge concert and party for the Breeders' Cup in NYC).

We'll see you there!!!


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