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Apr 26, 2005
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I have a mare that when she turned 3 a few years back and I did her perm registration, I dont think I measured her right. I got 35", and I actually think she is 34" or a little under. This mare is my favorite mare, if I could get her R papers changed for her height, I would love to hardship her into AMHA. Is this something that is possible? Thanks in advance
On the AMHR work order there is a line for height correction, amongst other changes such as color, markings, photos etc. ----------- The fee is $10.00 for the change so it must be possible.

Best to contact AMHR for definitive answers. Their phone number is: 309 263-4132
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Someone can correct me if I"m wrong, but hardshipping into AMHA has nothing to do with AMHR papers, although into R does require A papers. To hardship into A, you need a official person (steward? Sorry I forget what they're title is) to measure your horse, so it doesn't matter what the R papers say. That doesn't mean you can't correct her R papers anyhow, just that you don't need to worry about it if your only goal with it is to get her into AMHA.
I just assumed that A would want to see the R papers. I didnt know that they will not. I did call AMHR, and it is just a simple thing to do. and only costs $10 with pictures. I would want both sets of papers to match. Than another question, when you hardship in A, who picks the name that goes on her papers? If you wanted to keep the same name as her R papers would I need to get permission from her breeder?

One more question, being in Minnesota, where would I find a Steward to measure her? I assume it would be cheaper for me to take her to them right?

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For AMHA it has to be a past or present Director who inspects your horse.

When you send in her hardship registration papers with the fee.. $600 plus $41 for DNA.. then they notify you of who your closest director is. However, as often happens and has happened to me, you can find one closer to you if at a show maybe. And they allow you to use whoever you can find if you find one closer.

For instance, I am pretty far from any directors here in Wyoming, (the one AMHA told me about was 800 miles away!!) but Sami and Ron Scheuring are both past directors and each of them has hardshipped a horse for me when Sami was judging a horse show in Utah on two separate occasions. I took my horses down to the show to have them done.

Sometimes your local club can give you info on one you might not know is going to be somewhere close by.

Hope this helps.

Edited to add: Another time years ago I had a director in Colorado who drove up about 250 miles or so from his home in southern CO, to Laramie, WY and we drove over 300 miles to Laramie and met there for him to hardship a horse for us.

If you look around to see where the directors for your region are and also the ones nearest to you, you might be able to work something out. :)

Susan O.
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I had to have Ice's height changed when I bought him. He went from A to B. Paid the $10 extra, made the notation, turned in his old card and a few days later brand new "B" papers arrived. No fuss, no muss.
I requested AMHR to change the height on a stallion I purchased last fall and they didn't do it. I requested that his height be changed from 31.50" to 33.75" when I sent in his transfer of ownership and the papers came back with the same height.
However, AMHA did change his height.
I think when you are correcting the height of a AMHR registered horse, you have to fill out the height verification form from the registry site and have the horse measured by a judge and steward and then send in the fee's of $10.00 and photo's.

That is what we did for ours miniature that was already permament and there was no problem at the office with the correction and new papers and measurement card was issued.

Since you are hardshipping the horse into the AMHA, I really don't know what effect that will be but when you are going from a smaller sized horse to be changed to a larger measurement there is usually not being a issue, its when you are going from a larger sized horse to smaller measurement that is when I think they need measured offically and makes things easier at the office for the paperwork to be completed.
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I think when you are correcting the height of a AMHR registered horse, you have to fill out the height verification form from the registry site and have the horse measured by a judge and steward and then send in the fee's of $10.00 and photo's.
Can assure you that's not what happened in my case. I just indicated on the transfer form his current height and requested a generic certificate change. There were photos (for the transfer) but there was no judge nor steward. Applied for a new measurement card at his first show.

I was expecting there to be some raised eyebrows but his papers arrived without incident. Your mileage may vary.
Thanks! I did call amhr today and she said I just had to fill out the height certification, pay $10, send in my mares papers, and send pictures. She did pull my mares file and verified what height I had registered her at. I will measure her this week so I can get started on hardshipping for amha.

Now I just need to find a director close by
I have only one thing to add:

AMHA requires the horse be 5 years old. It sounds like yours is five or older now. But I just wanted that clarified.

I think as of 2010 (so Jan of next year) horses can be hardshipped into AMHA at age 3.

Please someone correct me if I am still not right on this issue...... but I am pretty sure!

Susan O.
If you're in MN, there are lots of people to measure for AMHA! Richard Sievert, Clair Severson, Jim Barenklau isn' that far over the SD border... Ethyl Dierks in IA again not that far off the MN border. If you're close to Winona, Clair will for sure be there on the 4th of July weekend. If you're close to Albert Lea, I would bet that Ethyl will be at the Webster City, IA sale on the 6th of June and Jim Barenklau will also be there, If you're near St. Paul, I'd be willing to bet Richard Sievert will be at the MN state fair show in Aug. Etc. etc.
Our horse was being shown at the AMHR shows and he went from B sized horse as what he was bought as originally in 2005 to a A sized horse, so we had a judge and steward measure since and his permanent measurement card was refected as being a B as well and needed changed also for him to be shown.

That was quite a few years ago, perhaps you don't have to go thru all that now but we did back then and he did have his AMHA papers as being a A sized horse. At that time we were told by the AMHR office to take him and get him measured and get the height verification form filled out and send the fee of $10.00 in to be corrected.

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