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Feb 25, 2004
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Ok so I was looking at the hardshipping fee's on the work orders today. I have a ASPC stallion i need to hardship into R. Anyways... it said ASPC stallions into AMHR is $460 and for AMHA stallions into R it is $400. Why is it only $400 for AMHA horses? do i still have to pay the $60 ontop of the $460 for the reg application fee too or did they just include it in the price for them?? I"m confused!!
Hi there! You have to pay the 400 plus whatever the regsitration fee is for the horses age. So if it is an adult you would also need to add the additional 60 to the price.... So no price breaks just figured differently...
yes i relise they have always had the application fee ontop of the hardship fee but now i'm wondering where it's listed as $460 on the work order if they raised it and you still have to pay the $60 tonop (raising it to $520.00 or if they just listed it on there as the $460 and that was the application fee included? If so why didn't they do that for AMHA hardshipping listed? I"m just confused I guess!
Ok I called and talked to the office. Lol even the woman i spoke to was confused at first and had to go ask but it is $460 total for the shetland not an extra $60 for the reg application. Not sure why they listed AMHA and ASPC differently that way but at least i got my question answered! lol
Juuuust my opinion but I never understood why hardshipping a Shetland was more than hardshipping from a whole 'nother registry.

Wouldn't you think the Registry would promote cross-registering within the Registry just as equally as from a different registry???


Yeah you'd think they'd even have a "discounted' price for the shetlands because it is all the same registry and it's just encouraging more money and participation in all parts of their registry.

They did say though when i spoke to them on the p hone that it would be $460 total so essentially it's the same price as the AMHA once they add on the reg. application fee. I'm just not understanding why they would list one that way and not the other?? kind of weird!!
I would guess it's because Shetlands have to be 3 before they can be R registered, and therefore the price will always be $460.

With an AMHA horse you can register him R as a yearling, and therefore it is $400 + $30 (or whatever the yearling registration fee is?) and at 2 it's $400 + $45 and 3+ $400 + $60--and that is why Shetlands are listed one way and AMHA the other?

Just a guess...
Hopefully Lewella will chime in as she knows the story better then I do. But shetlands were NEVER supposed to pay a hardship fee to register miniature horse!! Apparently when a new rule was passed (I think this was when hardshipping to grade minis closed 3 years ago) this was with it and it slipped through. Something along those lines

I for one think it should be taken away. How silly is it to have to pay to hardship the breed that started the miniature horse as a miniature horse? ughhh
Well you know i could see paying a hardship fee even..but you would think since it's really the same registry that it would be a greatly reduced hardship fee than say an AMHA horse. really kind of stinks. lots of NICE ASPC mini's out there that have to pay more to get in so are slipping through the cracks. quite frankly i had planned to hardship this boy last year but it always seemed like the money was easy come easy go before i could get it done!! hoping i can get him done before show season starts!!

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