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Aug 17, 2003
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I am purchasing a used aluminum trailer. I have never owned and aluminum trailer before. What is involved in acid washing one? Is it something you can do yourself, or do you have to take it to a trailer dealer to have it done? How often does it have to be done? I'm totally clueless, so would love to learn the process involved. Many thanks!
I just bought a used aluminum trailer too. I need to brighten it up. I started a small spot with Mother's Aluminum polish-cleaner, got it from the auto store. It is doing great, but really takes some time and elbow grease.
I think the easiest thing to do, is take it to a truck wash where they wash the big rigs. They can make it look like new!
We restored a 1946 Ercoupe 415C airplane! My husbands baby, which we had great times in "puddle jumping" SOnja you know what I mean...

ANYWAY, it's a tricky job, acis washing and can be caustic, so make sure you do your homework! Check with antique airplane clubs or perhaps an "AIRSTREAM" owners club..

certainly works but MY advice, truck wash and elbow grease..there is also a good aluminum cleaner from Marine stores for boats that we used on our pontoon floats and worked very well! My advice keep it simple, the marine boat cleaner works good enough.

There is special acid to wash Aluminum trucks ans trailers and the company is by the name of ZEP~!! I worked at a chicken wholesale distributer and the trucks inside and out were Aluminum we would get barrel of Special Aluminum cleaner made by that company,, ZEP

ZEP So I would stop in at auto parts houses to see what cleaners they have for Aluminum or if somebody handles products by this company Zep..
Some of the trailer dealers or repair shops can acid wash it. I've had my current trailer done only once, several years ago - and it only cleans the silver part so if your trailer is white it will benefit from a good wash and wax. Also have to be careful on the interior as it will corrode soft materials.

Every few years we have a local mobil wash stop in as do many around here with all aluminum trailers. Think they charge $75-100 Power wash with hot water and acid wash to shine alum. Never have seen a DIY come out as clean not to mention the amount of time it takes. If you have painted alum be careful!!!!!!!!!!


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