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Nov 17, 2007
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Nova Scotia, Canada
This morning I went out to feed my mares. Noticed that someone had pulled a section of electric fence down, so I fixed that then called the mares up. Everyone came up except Penny, so I figured it must of been her that got in the tussle with the fence and she didn't want to go in the area that scared her. So I went down to get her and there near her on the ground was a placenta with foal inside. My mares are all about 100-150 days pregnant, I have 5 testing pregnant, but Penny was not one of them (she tested open).

So I picked the poor little thing up and brought it inside and looked for clues. There were white and black tail hairs tangled in the placenta( yes Penny has white and black tail hairs), so I can pretty much eliminated my two solid mares with black tails. I've looked under all tails, no one is extra loose, or red or wet at all. No ones udders are fuller than normal and no one has white milk. I really want to know who aborted so I can keep a special eye on her. This is the first time in 6 years that I've had an abortion, so I dont know what else to look for as to which mare it was. Anyone have any suggestions ata all, I'm at a total loss.

Here is the fetus,

aborted colt.JPG
So sorry to read about this. How do you test your mares for pregnancy? I've known several "open" mares that were actually pregnant, so just thinking that perhaps Penny wasn't really open. Especially, if she was standing by baby...she may have been mourning, as the abortions I've been privy to I usually find the mare very close to her lost little one.

I've usually found some evidence of a slightly messy tail with some evidence of mucus or blood in the tail hairs, but that is usually all I've found. Also, the mare doesn't want to easily be taken from the dead baby -- and won't leave on her own. I just chalk it up to being a bit sad at her loss.

Baby looks to be developed according to your dates of between 100-150 days (I think closer to the 150 mark), which I know is no help in determining which mare it is.

So sorry for you. It's very hard to lose a little one. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}
I test with weefoal120. I've had complete success with the 120 day test, even testing as early as day 109. Tested Penny at day 113 so it is possible that she was tested too early and was pregnant, but she has no signs of aborting. Will continue to watch her for signs of aborting. I'm sad about it, but glad it was now and not at 10 months pregnant. Would be harder then I'd think.
I have had mare come up open when I bred when testing with the wf120, then used the regular wee foal several months later and mares that were positive came up open (and were open) then had mares that were neg with the 120 come up bred. I just don't think the wf120 is as accurate as the regular wee foal test.
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I have never had any luck with either weefoal test, so stopped using them. I have also had mares test open on ultrasound and actually be in foal, including a surprise colt this year. I know that doesn't help you at all, but am extremely sorry for your loss. We had a bad year this year as well with foaling- lost a mare and foal early in, lost one foal at 24 hours old, and lost another foal to a breech- thankfully saved the mare...it's never easy, no matter how far along.
Think I have found the mare that aborted. Her side was wet and the ground is dry except where the fetus was found (placental fluids). She was lying in the middle of the herd and she is a lower level mare who never relaxes around the alpha crowd, so that is odd. This makes me guess it is her.

Forever Farma I've had a mare ultrasounded open have a foal too, Nellie did it to me last year.

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