A Modern Day Fairy Tale *UPDATE*

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Dr. Pam

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Aug 22, 2003
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Princeton, TX
This is a modern day Fairy Tale.....

There was a little girl whose Aunt owned miniature horses. At 8, she could think of nothing more wonderful than getting to show a horse at the World Show. Sadly, her Aunt really didn't have a Youth horse to suit a small, inexperienced girl. And this is where a Fairy Godmother took charge. Aug 8 Aunt Jan saw an ad on the Lil Beginning sale board about a small show mare (SR Desert Mist) looking for a new friend while her owner was off to college (my daughter Patty). She contacted me immediately and it seemed like a match made in Heaven--Misty is 29", and a multi National Champion and Top 10 in Hunter, Jumper, Showmanship, Obstacle, Roadster, CP driving, and Halter, trained and shown by a Youth.

Alas, Misty is not registered AMHA. The Fairy Godmother kicked it into overdrive. Aug 7 I called Al_B, who directed me to Glen Matthews, our area director. Pam in Registrations at the AMHA office worked hand in hand with Mr Matthews. I faxed paperwork to the office Aug 11, drove Misty to Mr. Matthews ranch Aug 12, the DNA papers and sample were overnighted, and she had a Registration number on Aug 22--in time to get her registration in for World on Aug 25. A transporter was in the area and Misty, with her show cart, harness, and show halters was brought up to Bethany Franke's, where they picked her up and whisked her to Albuqueque Sept 1st.

The little girl Kaylee has had a couple of weekends to work with Misty--she lives in a small town a ways away. When the ladies at her church found out she was traveling to Ft Worth, but didn't have the clothes needed for a National Level show, they scheduled a Potluck dinner/sewing bee to make her a dress, showmanship outfit, and Roadster silks (I picture the mice and birds making the outfit for Cinderella, followed by the Fairy Godmother's wand

Aunt Jan says they are a perfect pair. Kaylee has a new favorite class--Roadster. She says Misty makes her feel like she is flying!

Please watch for them at World and wish Kaylee luck. She already has a Fairy Godmother in her corner!!!

A HUGE hug and thank you to Glen Matthews and the ladies at the AMHA office who helped make this possible
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That was a beautiful post to read...all the luck in the world to Kaylee at Worlds..
Wow..that story just about brought tears to my eyes.

If she doesn't win it will surprise me, because this to me is one of those " Meant to Be" story's.

I don't even know this little girl - but, I am so thrilled everyone including AMHA got in there and really helped this little girl.

What a GREAT post - thank you so much for sharing.
Wow I loved that wonderful story!!

Be sure to keep us posted and get lots of pics for us :)

Susan O.
This is what it is all about! Thank you for sharing your wonderful story-

OH MY! What a wonderful story in today's news headlines! Can't wait to see pictures of the winning duo!
This is so wonderful. I hope we'll get to see pics of this magical pair, Cinderella indeed!
Wow what a great story, best of luck at worlds Kaylee, knock em dead girl. With so many people rooting for you, you can't help but have a great time with Misty. Please post pics when you have a chance.

Very heartwarming story....thanks for sharing it and best of luck to Kaylee and Misty at the Worlds!!!!!!!
Wonderful story
We'll look forward to seeing her at World, and hope she has a great experience there.

I just got an email from the AMHA office--they want to do a story on Kaylee and Misty in the Miniature Horse World magazine! They are going to follow her through the World show. This little girl is about to bust right out of her skin!!! Her mom tells me they have been selling hot dogs at the local rodeos to raise money for Kaylee to go!!!

Right now "Aunt Jan" has 14 kids and 12 horses at the New Mexico State Fair. I got a copy of her email to the kids:

Greetings Whispering Pines Trotters!!

Well here we are!!! State Fair time!! This is the thing you have worked all summer for. Tomorrow we will haul 12 mini's and have all 14 of our youth team members at the show. Please remember to wear your team tee-shirts. I just wanted to say that I am so proud of each and everyone of you! All of you have worked so hard with your horses and you have all improved 100% over the summer. Lets go and have a great time.!! Remember you don't always win (even in life) if we don't place, we will pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and try again!! but if we do happen to get a ribbon we will win graciously and we will loose graciously. Lets be kind and considerate and help each other as you have done all summer. We will be the very best sportsmen and women that we can be. Lets also learn from our mistakes and use this as a point to practice on this fall. Ok...Ok I'll quit with the speech....Remember that we need to be at the fair at 5:00pm tomorrow to measure in and then we will have a quick lesson in the arena. I want to finish early so that you can get home and to bed early. Bring your water bottles or whatever else you need to drink..

See all of the little Trotters tomorrow!!!

**sniff** I LOVE kids and horses--and Jan is doing the youth PROUD!!!! The Fair will be Misty and Kaylee's dry run for World--knock em dead, All of you!
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I went down to help a bit and get to enjoy WATCHING Jan's bunch of kids at the State Fair today; could hardly WAIT to get home and post a further update in Dr. Pam's story of the "Little Girl and Little Horse..."!

What a GREAT group of kids! Some as young as four, they looked like little dolls, and each and every one gave a wonderful account of themselves! There were SEVERAL of the really young ones-7 and under--the crowd and even the two judges practically SWOONED in the Costume class, when the entry led off w/ Kaylee as the Fairy Godmother, leading their own tiny gelding, "Slick Willie",as one of Cinderella's mice! Following them were Jan, dressed in formal livery and leading "King Richard"(the Albuq. Mounted Police's mascot mini(his registered name is something else; but 'King Richard' honors the names of two policemen murdered by a madman, along with three others, on one awful day in Albuq. about three years ago)...he drew a white vis a vis, with two little boys in livery, and four little 'princesses' aboard! Upon stopping in front of the judges, the liveryed groom(Jan) helped the princesses to dismount the carriage, and each presented a rose and curtsied to the judges! It was ADORABLE!!!

Kaylee did wonderfully well with Misty--MOST especially in the Obstacle Driving! I'd gone down two weeks ago to 'guest judge' their group of kids in practice classes, and after that, I'd worked with Kaylee to give her some tips on how to drive obstacle. That day was her FIRST to hook and drive Misty! Kaylee is a remarkable 7 year old--poised, focused,and she has extraordinarily good HANDS!Today, she ACED the Youth Obstacle driving, against older and more experienced youth! It was enough to give me goosebumps! Her mom came to me after the class to thank me again for the help that day...but it was KAYLEE who was the achiever of today!! Her mom, who is Jan's niece, said Kaylee assured her that she 'knew what to do; Margo showed me'--and she MEANT it!!

I have to add here that I am SO heartened by the way Kaylee's parents, and those of others of Jan's group of kids, are raising some truly DECENT and absolutely WONDERFUL children! (Kaylee's small brother, who may be four? five?---when I complimented him on his shirt today, immediately, and without ONE 'prompt' from Mom, said 'thank you', and went on to give me a few 'details' about it---it did my heart good, I can tell you! Kaylee is just as polite and pleasant, and again, without prompting....

For the first time in years, I really WISH I could be at Worlds, if just to get to see that 'little girl and little horse'...for sure, my love, support, and VERY best wishes will be there with her and all of her family, who will be there 'en mas' to support her!

THIS is what the show ring should REALLY be about....

This was a great day; I'm still on a 'happiness high'!!

Margo, thank you, thank you, thank you. Cari called me as soon as Kaylee finished her obstacle class drive. The class wasn't pinned yet, but she just had to share how well the two of them had done. Thank you for all the help you've given Jan's troop of kids--wish I was there!

edited to add: when I started this thread, I had no idea what the costume theme for this group was. **happy--and a little freaky-- goosesbumps**
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